Paul Henning Krogh

PhD, Senior Researcher

Paul Henning Krogh



• Web of ScienceTM Core Collection reports 92 papers cited 2511 times cited or 2274, when excluding auto-citations and an h-index of 31 (December 2017). 

• Google Scholar: 311 publications cited 4771 times, h-index of 41 (December 2017). 

• Mendeley and Scopus: 94 papers with 2714 citations, h-index 32 (December 2017).

35 scientific consultation reports.

Full publications list available on Aarhus University homepage

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Publons verified peer review record 

Nominated a "Rising Star" by Thomson Scientific Essential Science IndicatorsSM May 2008.

Research areas

Soil ecology and ecotoxicology

Application of metabarcoding for assessment of soil invertebrate diversity

Application of natural abundance of isotopes to trophic structure analysis for long term soil ecosystem monitoring (NERO)

Quantification of earthworm ecosystem services (EcoFINDERS, PESTPORE, ORGGRASS etc.)

Application of transcriptomics to collembolans (GENEPEASE)

Past news

Soil cores was sampled from 130 BIOWIDE locations during one week in August 2014 and August 2017.

Bioash field campaign, Ocober 6-8, 2014

TV2 vejret om regnorme og regnvejr (Danish TV clip)

Member of COST Actions: 

KEYSOM- Key to Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Modelling

iPLANTA - Modifying plants to produce interfering RNA

Recognized reviewer of the journals, Soil & Tillage Research, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Applied Soil Ecology, European Journal of Soil Biology.


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