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Finn Plauborg
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Finn Plauborg is an experienced scientist and has since 1995 participated in and been project leader of several joint national and international projects within water, environment and agriculture. At present among others he participates in Green Cohesive Agricultural Resource Management WEBSOC, an irrigation and biochar project in Ghana. He participates in and is leader of WP3 Modelling and optimisation in the Figaro a RTD FP7 project (2012-2016) titled Flexible and PrecIse IrriGation PlAtform to Improve FaRm Scale Water PrOductivity. He participated in and was coordinator (2005-2009) of the RTD project SAFIR ( under FP6 Frame-programme, which includes studies on water saving drip technologies, water treatment technologies, use of low quality waters in food production (tomatoes and potatoes), risk and safety aspects, DSS developments, and economical feasibility studies. SAFIR had a budget of 7 million EUR and included 17 partners from all over Europe, China and Israel.
He was co-ordinator (2003-2006) of the RTD project FertOrgaNic ( under EU5 Frame-programme, which included studies on water and nitrogen efficiencies to drip irrigated potatoes. FertOrgaNic had a budget of 3 million EUR and included 11 partners from all over Europe. He is responsible for the further development of the WEB based irrigation decision support system ( He is responsible for sampling and long term monitoring in the Danish Pesticide Leaching Programme.

He is member of following networks: Board member of the Danish Water Forum (, European Technology Platform for Water (, and he is representing AU in the Chinese European Water Partnership network, CEWP, ( .

He is supervisor for both master and PhD students, and involved in teaching graduate and PhD students.


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