Department of Economics and Business Economics

Niels Skipper

Associate professor

Niels Skipper


Associate Professor
Member of Industrial Organisation and Trade Section

Research Secretaries: Mette Vad Andersen and Susan Stilling

Niels Skipper is an associate professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus University. He acquired his PhD from Aarhus University in 2010. His main research area is health economics.


Teaching Interests

  • Microeconomics
  • Health Economics


Research Interests

  • Health Economics
  • Prescription Drug Demand
  • Applied Microeconometrics




Koulayev, S., E. Simeonova and N. Skipper (2016): Can Physicians Affect Patient Adherence With Medication? Health Economics, (forthcoming).

Simonsen, M., L. Skipper and N. Skipper (2016): Price Sensitivity of Demand for Prescription Drugs: Exploiting a Regression Kink Design, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 31, 320-337.

Skipper, N. and R. Vejlin (2015): Determinants of Generic vs. Brand Drug Choice: Evidence from Population-wide Danish Data, Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 130, 204-215, 2015.

Leth-Petersen, S. and N. Skipper (2014): Income and the use of Prescription Drugs for Near Retirement Individuals. Health Economics, vol. 23, 314-331.

Skipper, N. (2013): On the demand for prescription drugs: Heterogeneity in price responses. Health Economics, vol. 22, 857-859.

Skipper, N. (2012): On reimbursement reforms and stockpiling of prescription drugs: The case of insulin. Health Policy, vol. 106 233-240.


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