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Michael Evan Goodsite


  • Department of Bioscience - Arctic Research C., Herning
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Birk Centerpark 15

Email: michaelg@btech.au.dk

Mobile: 60112557

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., in Environment and Climate, University of Copenhagen (KU), Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Copenhagen Global Change Initiative (COGCI) PhD School, August, 2003. Received a full Danish National Science Foundation Research Fellowship.
Dissertation: “Fate of Mercury in the Arctic.” Supervisors: Prof. Ole John Nielsen (KU), Dr. Henrik Skov (NERI, DK), Dr. Steve Lindberg (ORNL, USA).

MBA (Honors Graduate), Thunderbird School of Global Management, Global Management, December, 2008. Thunderbird is consistently ranked as the number one MBA program in International Business in the world. GPA 3.773/4.000. Selected for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business as well as Pi Sigma Alpha the National Political Science Honor Society.

Diploma, Université Joseph Fourier De Grenoble et Center National De La Recherche Scientifique, France. European Research Course Atmospheres, February, 2002. Elected by fellow students to give talk upon graduation.

Master of Science, Environmental Engineering (Cand. Polyt.), University of Southern Denmark, May, 2000.
Received the top grade of “13” (old Danish Grading Scale) for thesis, conducted in Switzerland and Greenland. Emphasis on the Aquatic Environment. Supervisors: Prof. William Shotyk (then at University of Bern, Switzerland) and Dr. Torben Stroyer Hansen, SDU. I wrote and was granted a 2 million Danish Kroner Research Grant from the Danish Ministry of Environment (Arctic Program) to conduct the research.

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Arizona, May, 1994. Transportation option and technical elective package in nuclear engineering.

Danish National University Certificates for University Teaching (SDU adjunktpædagogikum) and Department Leadership (SDU og rektorkollegiet Institutlederkursus). Completed in 2013 the Aarhus University Head of Department training course.


English and Danish fluently, basic German, Spanish and Japanese.

Civil Status

US Citizen with permanent residence and work permit in Denmark. Married to Lone, of Freltofte Denmark since age 20. 3 Children together: Ryan (18), Fiona (13) and Cody (10).


Lifetime member of the Global Climate Forum;
European Roundtable for Entrepreneurial Education, EREE;
VL39 (member)

Short Summary

Michael Evan Goodsite is full Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Global Processes and Head of Department of the Aarhus University (AU) Department with focus on Business and Technology in Herning, Denmark (AU Herning) as well as a member of the AU School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) Faculty Leadership. Under the AU BSS governance model, he is chief executive with responsibility for 200 (approximately 70 full- and the rest part-time) employees and approximately 2000 students in 6 B.Sc., 2 M.Sc. and Ph.D. Business and Engineering programs. AU Herning’s annual budget is approximately 100-million kr. per year. He has been awarded over 18 million Euros in research funding since 2008 and presently is the Director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research, NCoE NORD-STAR (annual budget of approximately 16-million kr.), Formerly one of the Research Director of the Danish Strategic Research Centre EcoSense, and lead on the AU BSS Arctic Research contribution to the AU Arctic Research Centre (ARC) as well as member of the ARC management steering committee. He is the elected Vice-Chair of the EU COST Action "People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World". His research aims to integrate sensible business strategies as a means of addressing global climate change issues through mitigation and environmental cost and risk analysis at the local governmental level, thus ensuring sustainable and secure adaptation of societies. He is on the Board of Directors or advisors of over 20 different firms or organizations, focusing on their climate and CSR strategies. He advises decision makers up to and including EU and Nordic level initiatives on their strategy to get the most out of a changing climate, for example as an expert to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and observer to the Joint Programming Initiative – Climate. He is a frequent commentator in the local, national and international media. He is one of the four commentators the Danish National News Channel TV2 News utilizes on climate and environment questions. According to Google Scholar: >2150 Citations and H-Index of 17. LinkedIn, a social business network site, acknowledged him as one of the top 1% of profiles seen in 2012. Presently supervising a PhD in Engineering and 1 M.Sc. Student.

Research Portfolio Highlights

- approximately 18 million Euros in direct or shared external support from national, international and private funding sources since 2008):

2011-2016: 30.5 million NOK Director, Nordic Center of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research: www.nord-star.info . My “personal” portion is approximately 5 months of salary per year plus travel costs and administrative overhead. Since achieving this start funding I have raised the below additional funds for NORD-STAR related activities:

•2012-2015: 3.5 million NOK from NordForsk for Arctic Research – bridging my NCoE with another NCoE focused on positive societal benefits of climate change in the Arctic.

•2012:2015: 4 million DKK from the 4 largest Nordic Insurance Companies.

•2012:2014: 4 million NOK, receiving 2 of the 4 awarded (one awarded as PI, one as co-PI) NordForsk contingency fund 2-year post-docs; each worth 2 million NOK.

•2012: 2016: 5 million DKK for five year AU Leadership Grant from the AU Research Fund for research focused on business development in the Arctic.

•2012: 12.000 DKK (approximately) for travel grants from NATO, the US Army and Society of Risk Analysis to promote international collaboration with NORD-STAR.

Total extramural funding to date for NORD-STAR is approximately 47 million DKK. Co-funding from the ten-industrial and university partners in all 5 Nordic countries is approximately 40 million DKK. The five-year budget is therefore now approximately 87 mio. DKK.

2012 – 2016: 18 million DKK Co-Manager, Danish Strategic Research Center: “EcoSense”. www.ecosense.au.dk my portion is approximately worth 5 mio. DKK. The center has just launched but has already received positive European exposure. The center is looking at data and technologies to improve environmental and climate awareness and municipal planning. My responsibility is applying the electronic sensing research to the environment and climate.

2013- 2016 Elected Vice-chair and co-applicant of EU Cost Action “People friendly cities in a data rich world” budgeted awarded is ca. 100k Euros per year. The budget framework for all associated activities is 44 million Euros. As Vice-chair, I have e.g., budget oversight responsibility in accordance with COST Action guidelines.

2012 – 2014: 3 million DKK from EU InterReg as part of the KASK consortium to advance business development, innovation and entrepreneurship in this Region of the EU.

2012 – 2013: 2 million DKK from five Danish municipalities to advance business development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the municipalities.

2013 – 2014: 2 million DKK from five Danish municipalities to advance business development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the municipalities.

2011-2015: 7 million Euros from EUROPE-AID, Air Quality Governance in the Eastern Countries. Lead scientist and expert on the proposal; portion to NERI approximately 630k Euro. My “personal” portion is approximately 220k Euro for salary plus travel costs etc.

2011-2014: one of 4 CVs used from Aarhus University as a partner in the successful 120 million Euro bid to be a part of the European Environmental Agency Climate Adaptation Expertise Center. My “personal” portion is approximately 2000 Euro per year. It is minimal given the lack of research focus of the center - for salary per year plus travel costs etc., but I am one of the experts in the Center.

2010-2013: 890k NOK from NORDEN Top Level Research Initiative to lead the Nordic Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and Economic Policies Network one of the 10 networks. In addition, I am a member of 3 of the other Nordic networks. This network developed into NORD-STAR.

2010-2015: one of 4 CVs used from NERI in the successful 12 million DKK bid to start the ECOGLOBE Ph.D. program under the Danish Governments mobility program. I am the Deputy Director. My personal portion is approximately 1 month’s salary per year – but I have since given this post to a colleague after moving Departments.

2010: 300k DKK from the Danish Ministry of Science to build a Network related to climate adaptation modeling in the USA.

2010-2013: ca. 3 million DKK from Udviklingscenter for Møbler og Træ (Development Center for Furniture and wood) for ”Innovationsnetværket Livsstil Bolig og Beklædning, Herning” (Innovation network for lifestyle housing and clothing in Herning).

June 2011 – present: Head of Department (Formerly Center Director, now Head of Department since Aarhus University approved AU Hernings’ status as a full Department during my tenure), Aarhus University Center Herning (AU Herning) and Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Global Processes. I am the chief executive and academic officer of one of the two independent campuses away from the Aarhus University main campus and a member of the School of Business and Social Sciences Management Team. As with the other BSS leaders, I am appointed in extension of my permanent professorship from July 1st 2011 through June 30th 2014. I was appointed to convert the Aarhus university teaching Institute of Business and Technology (formerly called an educational and research center in the Danish University system) into a full Aarhus University Department. I met all research, outreach and teaching requirements and accomplished this in 1.5 years. I received positive feedback from visiting teams of international accreditors. AU Herning has international business, engineering and communications programs from university preparatory courses through Ph.D.; 106 full time employees approximately 70 of these refer directly to me, approximately 100 part-time employees and over 2000 students in 8 Degree Programs (from a preparatory engineering program to M.Sc.: 17 Ph.D. students are trained presently at AU Herning, but the Ph.D. school is at the faculty level) – I personally supervise two of these PhD students. I co-supervised a student at the University of Iceland (who graduated in 12 20012). Under the BSS governance model I have complete profit and loss responsibility for AU Herning with a budget of approximately 100 million DKK annually plus over ca. 15 million DKK annually in external funding as well as hire authority up to and including full professor. This responsibility is in addition to my research leadership responsibilities. AU Herning used to be an independent University until it was fused with AU and I am the first post-fusion leader of AU Herning. As the only Department in Denmark, I secured direct funding (2 million DKK in total) to AU Herning from 5 municipalities around AU Herning for two years in a row. The funding supports our newly created vision, mission and strategy for AU Herning to support Danish regional development in a global world. A process I enabled the employees and students to create and thereby take ownership for. I established a corporate advisory board, chaired by the Former Danish Minister of Science and Technology. When I arrived to AU Herning, I was the only full professor. Now there are six, including top scholars in Energy and international business.

May 2011 – August 2012: Director Baltic University Program National Center, Denmark. Appointed on behalf of the Danish University System to Direct Baltic University Program activities in Denmark. Over 300 students from the Baltic countries (excluding Denmark) study at AU Herning. In august, 2012, I passed this appointment on to one of my employees as he has active research in the Baltic Region. I still remain active in the network.

October 2010 – present: founder and Director, Nordic Center of Excellence - Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research (NCoE NORD-STAR). NORD-STAR includes senior scientists and students from 10 partners in all 5 Nordic nations as well as industrial partners. It is one of the Top Level Research Initiative Flagship Centers of Excellence and in December, 2011 passed its first annual review. A notable highlight is that NORD-STAR was launched with amongst others a video talk from Dr. Pachauri, Chair of the UN IPCC. In 2013 we expect to finalize letters of expansion or agreement with Aalborg University as well as a 5 year MoU with The US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). I created a MoU for research training with Linköping University, Sweden and co-lead the NORD-STAR Graduate training program with a colleague at the University of Iceland, where the program is based.

October 2010 – 2012: Visiting Professor of Global Processes and Senior Research Fellow in Corporate Climate Strategy, Thunderbird School of Global Management. Edited a special edition of the Thunderbird International Business Review on corporate climate change strategy (in press).

November 2008 – May 2011: Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Global Processes and Deputy Departmental Director of Research and Graduate Studies, Department of Atmospheric Environment (ATMI), National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Aarhus University (AU), Denmark. I passed the international full professorship evaluation at Aarhus University after just five years from receiving my Ph.D., one of the youngest full professors of chemistry at the time. I was the Founding head of NERI’s Ph.D. Network. Responsible teacher for the Advanced Environmental Chemistry Course at the AU Department of Chemistry. Guest lectures in 5 other courses in: Denmark, USA, Iceland, Sweden; Jamaica and India. NERI no longer exists as an independent unit due to a major reorganization of Aarhus University – the same re-organization that created AU Herning.

Founding project leader of one of ten Nordic (NORDFORSK) Top-level Research Initiative Networks within effect studies and adaptation to climate change: Nordic-Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and Economic Policies Network. The network includes senior scientists and students from all 5 Nordic nations.

2010 – 2012: Expert: European Topic Center for Climate Change Adaptation. One of 4 CVs from AU used as part of this successful effort.

2009 – 2011: Coordinating Lead Author: for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (Chapter 2 – Mercury in the Arctic) invited speaker at the AMAP international conference.

2009 – present: EU Commission High Level Expert: Selected out of a field of over 2400 applicants and nominees for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology a (100 million Euros) European Commission program dealing with climate change, Energy, ICT and innovation. In 2012 I was nominated and selected out of a field of over 2000 considered, for the follow on appointment as Expert.

2009 – present: One of the four invited and selected commentators for the Danish National News channel TV2 Nyheder for climate and the environment. I have been active since the COP 15 hosted in Copenhagen. A more recent clip of my live commentary to the EU meeting of environmental ministers in 2012 may be seen here: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php/id-49748831:danmark-kan-godt-prale-af-miljø-og-klima.html

2003 – present: Expert Reviewer & Evaluator of international grant evaluations and program creations for:

The European Science Foundation (member of the Science and Technology Panel, 2012);
The Canadian Strategic Research Program;
The European Commission;
The UK National Environmental Research Council;
The US Department of Energy (two separate programs);
The Swiss Postgraduate Research Scholarship Program;
The German Helmholtz foundation;
Internal reviewer for a Dutch National Center of Excellence in Earth System Sciences.

2010 – present: appointed as Reviewer on major international reports:
The International Panel on Climate Change IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (FAR) (WGII);
The Canadian Mercury Science Assessment;
The UN Green Economies Report;
OECD Report ENV/EPOC/WPCID(2011)7 “Fast Action Mitigation (FAM)”;
UNEP update of Global mercury assessment "Atmospheric Pathways, Transport and Fate of Mercury in the Global Environment”.

2009 – 2013: elected National Representative for Denmark: of the IUPAC Division of Chemistry and the Environment (Division VI).

Professional evaluation experience
Since my professorship in 2008, I have chaired full professorship international evaluation panels at Aarhus University in Engineering. I have participated as a committee member in international professorship evaluation panels in: Denmark, USA, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Together I have evaluated nearly 100 application at the different Universities for full professorships. I have participated in Assistant and Associate Professorship evaluation Committees in Denmark and Sweden in the fields of engineering, business administration and natural sciences and have evaluated over 100 applications for these positions. For doctoral (Ph.D.) and post-doctoral fellowships in the field of engineering, natural sciences and business administration, I have participated in international assessment committees in all the Nordic countries, and have evaluated over 100 applications for these positions.

Memberships of Boards or Advisory Committees

2013 – present: selected as a member of the International Board of Advisors for the non-profit organization: Civilian Exposure, USA.

2013 – present: appointed by the Mayor of Struer as a member of the Board of Advisors for the municipal initiative: City of Sound.

2013 – present: appointed by the Mayor of Herning as a Climate Ambassador for the municipality.

2013 – present: invited member of the "2013-2015 Forum on the New Human Condition" a global Mellon Foundation initiative led by Prof. Dr. Poul Holm, MA (Aalborg), PhD (Aarhus), R (Knight of Dannebrog), FTCD, TLRH Professor of Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

2012 – 2014: Member, Board of Directors, Struer Statsgymnasium and International Boarding School; Denmark – one of the largest and most successful pre-collegiate schools in Denmark.

2011 – 2014: Member, Board of Directors, KRAFTNET, a public private initiative to create an amusement park in Denmark powered and based upon, and powered by sustainable energy http://www.kraftnet.com/

2011 – 2103: Member, Board of Directors, Danish Advanced Manufacturing and Research Center, DAMRC. I gave up my post to the Head of Department of Engineering at materials research falls under this Department rather than under AU Herning.

2010 – 2013: Chairman, Global Science Advisory Board for the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research “GSDP – Global System Dynamics and Policy” Global Network. Responsible for research feedback from members from academia, industry and civil society.

2010 – 2013: Member, Nordic Climate Adaptation Network Scientific Committee.

2010 – 2013: Member, Climate impacts on fish, fishery industry and management in the Nordic Seas Nordic Network.

2010 – 2013: Member, Nordplus Framework Program. Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies virtual campus with Russia.

2010 – 2014: National Representative of Denmark to the IUPAC Chemistry and Environment Division.

2010 – 2014: Advisor, Columbus, a non-profit association, founded by the European University Association (EUA) and the Association of Latin American Universities (AULA). Advising on climate adaptation and mitigation research ,energy markets and policies for The CIIEN – Center for Energy Research and Innovation (www.ciien.org) and the The Turin Euro-Latin American Forum for knowledge based regional development meeting in Sonora, Mexico 2010.

2010 – present: Advisor, International Desk of the Advanced Center for Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (ACESSD), Mahatma Gandhi University, India. Advising on their interaction with the international research community.

2009 – present: Scientific Advisor, Matrix Genomics, Biotechnology Firm, USA. http://www.matrixgenomics.com/index.php

2010 – 2012: Chairman, European Science Foundation and COST Forward Look, Responses to Environmental Challenges for Our Unstable Earth (RESCUE); Collaboration Between the Natural, Social and Human Sciences Working Group. Responsible for a policy paper with members from academia, industry and civil society. In March 2012, we launched our report to European scientific community and policy makers in Brussels and followed up with a peer reviewed publication.

2010 – 2011: Member of the Danish National Polar Research Dialog Forum. Advising the Ministry of Science and Technology on polar research matters. I volunteered my seat to Prof. Henrik Skov, who was appointed the Department of Environmental Science (at that time NERI) lead for Arctic research.

2010 – 2011: Member, Board of Scientific Advisors, Danish Development Research Network; advising and coordinating independent research and advisory efforts in developing nations.

2010 – 2011: Member, Board of Scientific Advisors, Air Purification Aps; a firm focussed on developing and selling the air cleaning technology featured in The University of Copenhagen Green Lighthouse.

2010 – 2011: Advising the International Center of Environmental and Nuclear Science, Jamaica on their Strategic Research and Educational Plans and guest lectured on collaborating with EU Universities.

2009 – 2011: Scientific Advisor, ICLEI USA Board of Directors, USA with special focus on climate strategy for sub-national governments’ post-adoption of the Copenhagen Accord. Worked specifically with the former ICLEI USA Executive Director.

2009 – 2011: External Advisor (ad hoc) to the executive director of “Applied Solutions” US Local Government Grassroots initiative for Climate Change Action. Post-adoption of the Copenhagen Accord.

2009 – 2011: Member, Scientific Committee of the Initiative for Science Society and Policy, University of Southern Denmark: evaluation of scientific strategy and program development.

2008 – 2011: Advisor, University of Delhi Department of Chemistry, India: creation of a natural science climate research center, University of Delhi; laboratory renovation.

2008 – 2011: Invited Member, Board of Directors, Alvör, Environmental Consultancy, Reykjavik, Iceland. Now an ad hoc scientific advisor to the firm.

2007 – present: Scientific Advisor, Elmvale Environmental Educational Fund, Canada: invited to teach at the University of Western Ontario, Canada as part of the Elmvale Foundation Environmental Educational Initiatives, in the fall, 2010. Teaching and organizing committee of the 2012 Nordic Climate Change Ph.D. Course and 2011 Danish National Course. Organizing Committee and Co-Chair of a NATO Environmental Conference in Iceland.

Past Full Time Positions

August 2006 – October 2008: Head of Department of Physics and Chemistry, University of Southern Denmark, Supervision of nearly 200 employees and responsibility for the educational curriculum, research and outreach in chemistry, physics, pharmaceutical science and nanobioscience offered to more than 500 students. Fused two departments. Completed the Danish National Head of Department Course and created and established one of the first twelve “elite” interdisciplinary studies programs in Denmark, successful completion leading to direct access to a Ph.D. program. Established Pharmaceutical Science, and the Department has now changed names to include this in its title as it has more than doubled in size due to this program.

January 2004 – January 2006: Leave of Absence for National Service. Returned to finish my assistant professor period at SDU.

August 2003 – August 2006 (including 2 calendar years of Military Leave) Assistant Professor, Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, University of Southern Denmark. Head of the Contaminants in Remote Atmospheres (CIRA) research group.

Visiting Professorships and Honorary Appointment

April 2014 - Present: Senior Research Fellow, ISDP, Sweden
October 2010 – 2012: Visiting Professor of Global Processes and Senior Research Fellow, Thunderbird School of Global Management;
Summer 2010: Visiting Professor Fellowship to Los Alamos National Laboratory, with a Danish National Research Fellowship;
2004 – 2005: visiting scientist in at the University of Pennsylvania;
2005-2006 and 2011: visiting Associate-/Professor at Heidelberg University, Germany;
2007 – 2008 Honorary Associate Professor at the Danish National Environmental Research Institute.


Prize for the best publication: 2006 & 2007 Environmental Costs of Mercury Pollution, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 368, Issue 1, 1 September 2006, Pages 352-370 by Hylander, L.D. and Goodsite, M.E. (cf. citation by the editor: Prof. Dr. Jerome Nriagu at: http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/P09.cws_home/nriagu_editorial : “The interesting case studies are easily generalizable and hence should guide policy makers and scientists in conducting proper accounting of the actual costs and benefits to the global or local environment from banning or limiting versus continuing a commercial application of mercury…What is remarkable is that the conclusion is based in rigorous risk assessment principles.”.

Lectures and Seminars

More than 60 invited lectures, seminars panel participation presented during the last 7 years in Denmark and abroad including 4 keynote speeches and panels at international science and business conferences – the latest on “Driving innovation value through responsible sustainable business” in Barcelona, Spain (October, 2012) http://www.rsbevent.com/prof-dr-michael-goodsite/. As well as presentations at the ESOF conference last year in Dublin. Panel member of climate adaptation workshop at World Water Week, Stockholm, 2011.


Commentator for TV2, Danish national news station. Frequent speaker at Rotary and other service organizations. Speaker at all levels of schools and participants in special days to advance science. Established an external/industrial advisory panel chaired at AU Herning by the Former Danish Minister of Science.

Organizing and/or Scientific Committee Membership

Nordic Sustainability Conference, Odense, 2008;
Nordic Climate Adaptation Conference, Stockholm (2011);
Nordic Climate Adaptation Conference, Helsinki (2012)
Nordic Climate Adapation Conference, Copenhagen (2014).
NATO Workshop (2012) in Iceland.
Co-convener and organizer of conferences in Canada, Denmark, India and Sweden.

Teaching Experience

I am ultimately responsible for all of the educational programs at AU Herning. I guest lecture in the clean technology course and the responsible professor for all Engineering M.Sc. Thesis Students at AU Herning. I developed the curriculum for and was the responsible teacher for Advanced Environmental Chemistry; guest lecturer in Environmental Management; guest lecturer in Green Technology. I developed and got approved the “elite” interdisciplinary Masters program in natural science at SDU. I have taken all of my educational programmes at AU HERNING through Danish national (ACE) accreditation, as well as AU Herning through EQUIS and AACSB international accreditation. AMBA accreditation is prepared and the visit is in fall 2013.

Teaching Supervisory Experience

Presently supervising 2 PhD students: Kristian Peter Andreasen (AU College of Science and Engineering, on the transition to a sustainable energy system); USAF COL John Culton, USAF Liaison Officer, US Embassy Copenhagen and designated as the US Defense Attaché to Finland (AU College of Business and Social Science on the market potential of new space industry and technologies). I co-supervised University of Iceland Student Lára Johannsdottir on the sustainable practices and strategies of white collar businesses. She graduated in 2012. I have supervised over 20 B.Sc. and M.Sc. students in the fields of natural science, engineering and business.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

I support the ideas on the philosophy of education that John Dewey expounded in his 1938 book Experience and Education. By refining and applying pragmatism to education, Dewey created an educational philosophy that has become known as “progressivism”. Dewey believed that students should master the scientific method especially in a dynamic world. I think that more than ever this is true. So I therefore believe in student-centered high quality education as a means to ensure that students master not just the application of the scientific method, but also the creative forces that drive it; as well as the innovative processes that allow a good idea to be further developed into a service or product when warranted. Research and innovation should be combined with education. Student-centered education is at the heart of a plan for fostering excellence in teaching, scholarship, outreach and engagement. Success in this area will lead to effective student recruitment and retention. Naturally with student-centered education; faculty attention to student needs and the professional development and growth of the faculty remains a priority. I support The CDIO™ (Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating) framework as an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. I support interdisciplinary education after a firm foundation within a discipline.

Personal Interests

Travel and Soccer: coaching, refereeing and playing.


Author or co-author of 35 research papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals plus over 20 other publications since 2001. My publications include one that received a best article award and two that are noted for their seminal contributions to their fields.

Editorial Work

Editor or author of five internationally peer-reviewed scientific technical publications;
Coordinating lead author for an international scientific report (AMAP Mercury Assessment, 2011).

Bibliometric Indicators

As per my Google Scholar profile:
Cited over 2150 times;
Hirsch (H) index of 17;
I index of 20;
M index of 1.75 (M index = 4.0, when adjusted for a two-year military leave of absence).

Peer Reviewer for the Following Journals

Nature Geoscience;
Environmental Science and Technology;
Science of the Total Environment;
Global and Planetary Change;
Climatic Change;
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta;
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics;
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions;
Atmospheric Environment;
Journal of Environmental Management;
Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering;
Chemical Geology;
Environment International;
Environmental Technology & Innovation;
Journal of Environmental Management;
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews;
Environmental Health;
Advances in Quantum Chemistry;
Thunderbird International Business Review;

Editorial Appointments

Member of the Editorial Review Board of the Thunderbird International Business Review (TIBR) (http://www.thunderbird.edu/knowledge_network/tibr/editorial_board.htm) as well as guest Editor of a TIBR Special Edition focused on International Corporate Climate Strategy in press.
Formerly a member of the Editorial Review Board of Advances in Meteorological Research


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