Lotte Bach Larsen


Lotte Bach Larsen
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Research areas:

Food proteins from animal and plant sources and the impact of production factors and processing on composition and properties, especially proteins from milk, dairy and potato. Examples are proteolytic enzymes and proteolytic processes in milk and dairy products in relation to quality parameters, digestibility of food proteins and identification of bioactive peptides, in addition to impact of cow genes and production factors on raw milk quality and composition in relation to milk processability and differentiation. Methods include proteomic and peptidomic methods for analyses and profiling of food-based proteins and peptides, protein modifications, natural and process induced. Quality of potato protein isolates, including avoidance of polyphenol oxidase brown coloring and determination of glycoalkaloides. Emerging areas are sustainable milk production, in vitro production of milk constituents from mammary cells and composition of vegetable milk alternatives.



Recipient, together with the Danish team behind the Milk Genomics Initiative in Denmark, of the Milk Prize awarded by the Danish Dairy Board in 2017.


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