Leif Østergaard

Acute Stroke Imaging Research Roadmap II

Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

  • Max Wintermark
    Max Wintermark
  • Gregory W Albers
    Gregory W Albers
  • Joseph P Broderick
    Joseph P Broderick
  • Andrew M Demchuk
    Andrew M Demchuk
  • Jochen B Fiebach
    Jochen B Fiebach
  • Jens Fiehler
    Jens Fiehler
  • James C Grotta
    James C Grotta
  • Gary Houser
    Gary Houser
  • Tudor G Jovin
    Tudor G Jovin
  • Kennedy R Lees
    Kennedy R Lees
  • Michael H Lev
    Michael H Lev
  • David S Liebeskind
    David S Liebeskind
  • Marie Luby
    Marie Luby
  • Keith W Muir
    Keith W Muir
  • Mark W Parsons
    Mark W Parsons
  • Rüdiger von Kummer
    Rüdiger von Kummer
  • Joanna M Wardlaw
    Joanna M Wardlaw
  • Ona Wu
    Ona Wu
  • Albert J Yoo
    Albert J Yoo
  • Andrei V Alexandrov
    Andrei V Alexandrov
  • Jeffry R Alger
    Jeffry R Alger
  • Richard I Aviv
    Richard I Aviv
  • Roland Bammer
    Roland Bammer
  • Jean-Claude Baron
    Jean-Claude Baron
  • Fernando Calamante
    Fernando Calamante
  • Bruce C V Campbell
    Bruce C V Campbell
  • Trevor C Carpenter
    Trevor C Carpenter
  • Søren Christensen
    Søren Christensen
  • William A Copen
    William A Copen
  • Colin P Derdeyn
    Colin P Derdeyn
  • E Clarke Haley
    E Clarke Haley
  • Pooja Khatri
    Pooja Khatri
  • Kohsuke Kudo
    Kohsuke Kudo
  • Maarten G Lansberg
    Maarten G Lansberg
  • Lawrence L Latour
    Lawrence L Latour
  • Ting-Yim Lee
    Ting-Yim Lee
  • Richard Leigh
    Richard Leigh
  • Weili Lin
    Weili Lin
  • Patrick Lyden
    Patrick Lyden
  • Grant Mair
    Grant Mair
  • Bijoy K Menon
    Bijoy K Menon
  • Patrik Michel
    Patrik Michel
  • Robert Mikulik
    Robert Mikulik
  • Raul G Nogueira
    Raul G Nogueira
  • Leif Østergaard
  • Salvador Pedraza
    Salvador Pedraza
  • Christian H Riedel
    Christian H Riedel
  • Howard A Rowley
    Howard A Rowley
  • Pina C Sanelli
    Pina C Sanelli
  • Makoto Sasaki
    Makoto Sasaki
  • Jeffrey L Saver
    Jeffrey L Saver
  • Pamela W Schaefer
    Pamela W Schaefer
  • Peter D Schellinger
    Peter D Schellinger
  • Georgios Tsivgoulis
    Georgios Tsivgoulis
  • Lawrence R Wechsler
    Lawrence R Wechsler
  • Philip M White
    Philip M White
  • Greg Zaharchuk
    Greg Zaharchuk
  • Osama O Zaidat
    Osama O Zaidat
  • Stephen M Davis
    Stephen M Davis
  • Geoffrey A Donnan
    Geoffrey A Donnan
  • Anthony J Furlan
    Anthony J Furlan
  • Werner Hacke
    Werner Hacke
  • Dong-Wha Kang
    Dong-Wha Kang
  • Chelsea Kidwell
    Chelsea Kidwell
  • Vincent N Thijs
    Vincent N Thijs
  • Götz Thomalla
    Götz Thomalla
  • Steven J Warach
    Steven J Warach
  • For the Stroke Imaging Research (STIR) and Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA)-Imaging Investigators
Original languageEnglish
JournalStroke; a journal of cerebral circulation
Issue number9
Pages (from-to)2628-39
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 16 Jul 2013

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