Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen

International Advisor

Curriculum Vitae

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Lauritz Broder Holm-Nielsen (Commander of the Order of Dannebrog & Gran Oficial del Orden Gabriela Mistral (Grand Officer), Chile)

Date of birth: 8 November 1946



1971:              Magister Scientiarum in Botany and Phytogeography, Aarhus University

1968-1969:     MSc studies in Biology, University of Copenhagen

1965-1968:     Undergraduate studies in Geology, Geography and Biology, Aarhus University

Academic career

2014-                 Executive Director of the Sino-Danish Center

2013-                 High Level Advisor to the Rector, Aarhus University

2005-2013          Rector, Aarhus University

1993-2005          Lead Higher Education Specialist, The World Bank

1986-1993          Rector, the Danish Research Academy

1979-1981          Professor, P. Universidad Catolica, Quito, Ecuador

1975-1986          Associate Professor, Aarhus University

1972-1975          Assistant Professor of Botany, Aarhus University



Leadership positions

2015-                 Founding Chairman of the Danish Nature Fund

2013-                 Chairman, National Committee of Research Infrastructure (NUFI)

2013                  Chairman Universities Denmark’s working group for Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland

2012-                 President, Euroscience

2012-2015          Vice President, European University Association (EUA)

2013                  Chairman Universities Denmark’s working group for cooperation with Universities in Developing Countries

2009-2011          Commissioner, Danish Prime Minister's Growth Forum

2008-2010          Chairman, Nordic Universities Association

2008-2009          Commissioner, the Danish Africa Commission

2008-2009          Universities Denmark, Chair Committee on Development Cooperation

2006-2008          Vice-Chairman, Nordic Universities Association

2006-2013          Vice-Chairman, the Danish Universities

2005-2014          Vice Chairman, FEAS (Real Estate Developing Company)

2005-2014          Vice Chairman, INCUBA Science Park

2005-2014          Chairman, AUFF (Private Research Foundation and Holding Co.)

2005-2014          Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Moesgaard Museum (MOMU)

2000-2001          Vice-Chairman, the Government’s Research Commission

1997-2003          Chairman, Board of Trustees, Centro Internacional para Agricultura Tropical, Cali, Columbia

1992-1994          Chairman, Board of Trustees, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome

1991-2004          Chairman, Danish Strategic Environment Research Programme

1991-1993          President, Nordic Academy for Advanced Study

1990                   Chairman, Nordic Environment Research Program (Nordic Council of Ministers)

1990-1993          Chairman, Council for Development Research (RUF), DANIDA, vice-chair 1987-90

1990-1991          Chairman, Nordic Post Doctoral Training Program

1989-1993          Chairman UniConsult International (fund)

1989-1990          Chairman, Nordic Research Training Program (Nordic Council of Ministers)

1988-1993          Alternate Chair, the Fulbright Commission

1985-1987          Chairman, joint committee of the Danish Research Councils

1985-1987          Chairman, Science Research Council (SNF), vice-chair 1987-90

1983-1985          Director, Botanical Institute, Aarhus University

1981-1991          Chairman, Local Public School Board, Lystrup, Denmark

1976-1979          Dean, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University

1975-1976          Vice-Dean, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University

1974-1976          Vice-Chairman, Botanical Institute, Aarhus University


Board memberships

2015-                  Member, Advisory Board of IESCHE, Saudi Arabia

2013-                  Board member, Governing Board, Gothenburg University Sweden

2013-                  Board member, Advisory Board, Center für Hochschule Entwicklung (CHE), Germany

2013-                  National Representative to European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI)

2012-                  Board member, Advisory Board of Estoril Conferences, Portugal

2012-                  Member, Advisory Board of Cantabria Campus International (CCI), Spain

2011-2015          Board member, Rectors' Advisory Group (Coimbra Group)

2011-2014          Board member, INCUBA A/S

2010                   Delegate, Nordic Prime Minister's Globalization Forum

2010-2012          Board member, International Advisory Board, Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain

2009-2012          Board Member, Columbus, Paris

2009-2013          Member, Denmark's EU Special Committee on Research

2008-2012          Board Member, European University Association (EUA)

2008-2012          Board Member, EuroScience Governing Board

2005- 2009         Member, Regional Growth Forum, Central Jutland Region

2004-                 Board member, International Advisory Board, UANL, Universidad Aútonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico

2000-2006          Danish National Research Foundation, Board of Directors

1992-1993          Management Committee, Human Capital Development and Mobility Program (EU)

1991-1997          Board of Trustees, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome

1991-1993          Board member, Danish Center for Plant Biotechnology

1991-1993          Board member, International Food Science Center (A/S)

1991-1993          Board member, Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Sciences (DINA)

1990-1993          Council for International Development Cooperation (DANIDA)

1989-1992          Board member, Danish Environmental Research Institute (DMU)

1987-1990          Committee of Technology Fellowships (ATV)

1987-1991          Board member, Nordic Post Doctoral Training Program (chair 1990-91)

1987-1993          Man and the Biosphere Committee (UNESCO-MAB)

1986-1993          Science Committee, the UNESCO National Commission

1986-1993          Danish Rectors' Conference

1985-1987          European Science Research Councils Conference (ESRC)

1985-1987          Nordic Science Cooperation Board (NOS-N)

1985-1989          Coordination Committee for Higher Education and Research in Denmark

1985-1987          Danish Research Policy Council (PRF)

1984-1993          Council for Development Research (DANIDA)

1982-1986          Nordic Science Publication Board (NOP-N)

1982-1985          Joint Committee for Bio-Molecular Techniques, Danish Research Councils

1982-1985          Chairman of the steering committee of the Natural Areas Research-Initiative SNF

1982-1990          Danish Natural Science Research Council (SNF)

1978-1979          Nordic Reference Group for Environmental Education

1977-1979          National Committee for Higher Education in Science (FLUNA)

1976-1979          Senate, Aarhus University

1974-1979          Senate, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University

1972-1975          Board member, Botanical Institute, Aarhus University

1969-1970          National Coordination Committee for Biological Sciences, Ministry of Education

1965-1968          Students' Council, Aarhus University


131 research publications, 37 on issues in higher education, science and technology, innovation and globalisation, and 94 in botany. In addition: congress presentations, abstracts, and notes to the Danish National Encyclopedia.