Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen

D Phil, Professor

Curriculum Vitae



 Born June 16 1965 in Odense, Denmark. Danish National. 

Children: Amanda (1995) Simon (1997) and Sofie (2012).


Academic degree: 



D. Phil. in Mathematics from University of Oxford "The gauge theory of Jones-Witten TQFT". Advisors: N. Hitchin, J. Roe and S.K. Donaldson



2008 - :

Professor of Mathematics, Aarhus University              

Summer 2003: 

Visiting Clay Professor at University of California, Berkeley. Funded by the Clay Mathematical Institute (CMI)

2001 - 2002:Visiting Clay Professor at University of California, Berkeley. Funded by the Clay Mathematical Institute (CMI)
Spring 2001:General membership at MSRI 
Fall 2000: Visiting Associate Professor at University of California, Berkeley 
1997 - 2008: Tenured Associate Professor at Aarhus University
1996 - 1997: Research Associate Professor at Aarhus University
1996: General membership at Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) 
1996: Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley 
1992 - 1994: C.B. Morrey Jr. Assistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley 


 2000 - 2001:

Danske Bank scholarship price

1996 - 1997: Scholarship from Danmark-Amerika fondet 
1992 - 1994: Fulbright scholar 
1989 - 1992: Candidatus Scholarship from The Danish Research Council 
1988 - 1992: Scholarship from The Danish Academy of Science  

Research groups, centers, institute activity and networks: 

2009 - 2019: 

Director of "Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces" (QGM) (DNRF funded

2009 - 2014: Chairman of ESF Research Networking Programme ITGP 
2008 - 2012: Chairman of the Geometry and Mathematical Physics School (GEOMAPS) a Danish National PhD-School focusing on the interaction of Geometry and Mathematical Physics (FI funded 2008-2012) 
2006 - 2011: Researcher in Charge for the Niels Bohr Visiting Professorship initiative attaching Prof. Nicolai Reshetikhin (Univerisity of California, Berkeley) to CTQM (DNRF funded)
2006 - 2011:

Director of "Center for the Topology and Quantization of Moduli spaces" (CTQM) (FNU-funded  2006-2008)

2000 - 2004: Aarhus coordinator of the EU-Network EDGE, European Differential Geometry Endeavour 
1998 - 2005: Principal investigator at MaPhySto research center in Aarhus 
1995: Main organizer for a 1/2-year institute activity entitled Special Session on Geometry and Physics at Aarhus  University Department of Mathematics. The activity involved several long term senior visiting researchers, 4 workshops, a major international conference and a summer school. Editor of "Proceedings of Geometry and Physics", Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics Series/184, an 800pp. monograph 
1992 - 1996:Symplectic geometry and Quantum Topology NSF-grant joint with Alan Weinstein (UC Berkeley) 
1992 - : Member of the topology research group in Aarhus, SNF funded  

Selected invited talks: 


Berkeley, MSRI Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, UCDavis, Vancover, Harvard, MIT, Stony Brook, Newton, Institute Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Madrid, Salamanca, Paris VII, Paris Orsay, Luminy, Oberwolfach, Mittag-Leffler Institut Stockholm, Strasbourg, Kyoto, CUNY New York, Auckland, UCSB, TIT Tokyo, Charlottesville, Pisa, Georgia Tech, RIMS





2005 - : 

Academic editor of Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications

2007 - : 

Member of the Editorial board of Geometriae Dedicata




2015 - :Alessandro Malusà
2014 - :William Petersen
2013 - :Simone Marzioni
2011 - :Mette Bjerre
2010 - 2015:Niccolo Skovgård Poulsen
2010 - 2015: Jens Kristian Egsgaard 
2010 - 2014: Sheryar Sikander, Riemann Surfaces: Vector Bundles, Physics, and Dynamics 
2011 - 2013:Paolo Masulli, Formal connections in deformation quantization 
2009 - 2012: Amit De, On the asymptotic expansion of the curvature of perturbations of the L 2   connection 
2007 - 2011: Jakob L. Blaavand - Presently D Phil student at University of Oxford
2007 - 2013: Søren Fuglede Jørgensen, Semi-classical properties of the quantum representations of mapping class groups
2007 - 2014: Jens-Jakob Kratmann Nissen, The Andersen—Kashaev TQFT
2005 - 2010: Magnus Roed Lauridsen. Aspects of Quantum Mathematics Hitchin Connections and AJ Conjectures 
2005 - 2010: Niels Leth Gammelgaard. Kähler Quantization and Hitchin Connections 
2005 - 2009: Rasmus Villemose. Cohomology of Mapping Class Groups with Coefficients in Functions on Moduli Spaces  
2002 - 2006: Anders Reiter Skovborg. The Moduli Space of Flat Connections on a Surface Poisson Structures and Quantization
2000 - 2005: Frank Nasser. Torsion Subgroups of Jacobians Acting on Moduli spaces of Vector bundles 
1996 - 1999: Søren Kold Hansen. Asymptotic expansions of quantum 3-mf. invariants 
1995 - 1998: Jakob Grove. Semi-stable vector bundles, Modular functors and TQFT