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Kasper Tang Vangkilde

Ph.D., Associate professor

Kasper Tang Vangkilde


Kasper Tang Vangkilde is Associate Professor of Anthropology with particular emphasis on business, organization and design. For more than ten years now, his primary interest has centered on various connections between anthropology and business, as he is particularly driven by two closely related ambitions: on the one hand, to create new theoretical knowledge on the social and cultural embeddedness of human life in corporate organizations and design projects, and, on the other hand, to demonstrate the value of anthropological practice in various sectors of the labour market – public and private organizations alike. With this focus, he has worked extensively with creativity, design and branding in the fashion business, and more recently with the development of design anthropology, particularly as part of the steering committee of the international Research Network for Design Anthropology. Currently, he has just begun a new research project on professional board members, as well as he has a growing interest in social enterprises. Kasper is moreover the School's so-called business ambassador. 

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