Juan Carlos Parra-Alvarez


Juan Carlos Parra-Alvarez

Juan Carlos Parra-Alvarez is a Post-Doctoral fellow at Aarhus University and CREATES. He holds a PhD in Economics and Business from Aarhus University (2015). During 2013, Juan Carlos visited the Department of Economics at University of Pennsylvania and held a PhD internship position at the Research Unit of Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway). In 2015, he also visited the Department of Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. His main research interests are monetary policy, macroeconometrics and macrofinance, with particular focus on the solution, estimation and statistical evaluation of DSGE models both in discrete and continuous time.

Juan Carlos is also working as a Postdoc in the project "Explaining the macro-economic foundation behind long-term nominal interest rates and their effects on the real economy" led by Associate Professor Martin Møller Andreasen. More info about the project can be found here.


Personal websitehttp://jcparra-alvarez.weebly.com


Research interests

  • Macro-finance
  • Disaster risks
  • Quantitative macroeconomics



Member of the Econometrics Section
Research Secretaries: Solveig Nygaard Sørensen and Bodil Krog

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