Mogens Vestergaard

Senior Researcher

Mogens  Vestergaard
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My research area and research activities include: Nutrition, health, endocrinology and growth hysiology of cattle (new-born calves, weaned calves, pre-pubertal heifers, veal calves, young bulls, steers, and cows). I also study various types of production systems for growing cattle, including both conventional and organic systems.

In relation to the animal health-related subjects, I specifically study rumen wall characteristics and liver abscesses. In relation to endocrinology and growth, we can quantify hormones and metabolites in blood and tissues and measure tissue accretion rates. Gene-expression and proteomics are tools used. Many studies include assessment of slaughter-, carcass- and meat quality of cattle.

I collaborate with scientist in other AU departments, i.e., Molecular Biology and Genetics, Agro-cology,
and Food Science. Furthermore, I have a large international network in Europe and USA.

I teach at Science and Tecnology at Aarhus University where I am course-responsible for Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, but I also teach at other BSc-, MSc- and PhD-courses. FInally, I teach and act as external examinor at University of Copenhagen.

In the Department of Animal Science I lead the research group Integrative Physiology.

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