Department of Economics and Business Economics

Sanne Wøhlk


Sanne Wøhlk


Member of the Econometrics and Business Analytics Section
Research Secretaries: Charlotte Sparrevohn and Betina Sørensen

PhD, University of Southern Denmark, 2005

Member of Academic Council, BSS, 2015 -

Sanne Wøhlk’s (SW) research is within the area of Operations Research and Logistics. In her research, she draws upon tools from business administration, operations research, computer science, mathematics, and programming. SW's research interest is the analysis of waste collection systems, with main focus on the planning of transportation and collection of waste and recyclables in a way that is both economically sound, environmentally sustainable, and meets the requirements of the citizens. This includes problems such as Capacitated Arc Routing Problems, Inventory-Routing Problems, and Pick-up and Delivery Problems.

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