Nina Holm Vohnsen

PhD, Associate professor

Nina Holm Vohnsen
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My current research:

I am broadly interested in 'policy-driven development' - i.e. the human attempt to steer development in a particular direction by use of policy such as legislation, action plans and project design.

I am currently embarking on a new field of interest: The idea of Basic Income and the way governments around the world try to rethink the relationship between nation states and their citizens through revised benefit schemes and cash transferrals. Concretely, I am following the planning of a proposed Basic Income pilot in Fife, Scotland. 


I have just concluded a research project funded by The Carlsberg Foundation that focused on the Danish civil service and how their work is challenged and shaped by the growing demands that policy be based on rigorous scientific research. This research has - among other things - resulted in a book called The Absurdity of Bureaucracy. How Implementation Works. 


For students: 

I especially welcome students (for supervision) who are driven by curiosity rather than students who are looking for a way to improve their CV. I welcome odd interests and strange field sites. I would love to supervise students with an interest in Basic Income, Latin America, Seasteading, the colonisation of Mars, gender relations, neotopias or alternative value production (permaculture, squatter societies, black labour, political communes etc.). 

Latest activities and conferences

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