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Magnus Møller Ziegler

PhD Fellow

Magnus Møller Ziegler

Mobile: +4540944031


I work with German philosophy in the 19th century and more specifically the reception of Hegel, especially the Young Hegelians, but also the political and institutional reception of Hegel. My PhD project is about the relationship between Marx's Capital and his status as a Young Hegelian.


More broadly speaking my research interests include:

  • German Idealism
  • Karl Marx, especially vis-à-vis Hegel and the Young Hegelians
  • The theoretical and historical development of Marxism(s)
  • Friedrich Engels as an independent thinker
  • Marxism as state ideology in Eastern Europe, especially the GDR and Hungary
  • Classical philosophy, especially Aristotle
  • Philosophy of the social sciences
  • The institutionalisation of systems of thought

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