Magnus Møller Ziegler

PhD Fellow, PhD Student

Magnus Møller Ziegler


I work with German philosophy in the 19th century and more specifically the reception of Hegel, especially the Young Hegelians, but also the political and institutional reception of Hegel in a socio-economic and political context. My PhD project is about the relationship between Marx's Capital and his status as a Young Hegelian.


More broadly speaking my research interests include:

  • German Idealism
  • German 19th century philosophy in general
  • Classic political philosohy
  • Karl Marx, especially vis-à-vis Hegel and the Young Hegelians
  • The theoretical and historical development of Marxism(s)
  • Friedrich Engels as an independent thinker
  • Classical philosophy, especially Aristotle
  • Philosophy of the social sciences
  • The institutionalisation of systems of thought

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