Karina Lykke Grand

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Karina Lykke Grand
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Scientific focus areas: 19th century, art and cultural heritage, art and politics, museology, curating  

Project investigator of:


Art and the formation of national identities

Research Project 2017-2021

The project wishes to demonstrate that art played an active and influential role in the formation of competing national ideas. It will explain when, how and why certain art typologies reflected specific national agendas, and it will show that Danish cultural identity in the nineteenth century was much more plural and contested than previous studies have found. Through analyses of empirical material such as art works and written correspondences on art and politics, our aim is to disclose alternative co-existing identities and visions and to probe the existence of transnational adaptations to the Danish. This study will innovate a methodological approach that will be useful for studies of history, art history and museology in all periods. The project’s societal perspective is to broaden the understanding of Danish cultural identity with the aim of promoting a cosmopolitan mindset rather than a national one.

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