Tavs Nyord

Senior Advisor

Tavs Nyord
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I am employed as an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, as part of the air quality group. My primary function is research, but I also do knowledge exchange with Danish authorities just as I teach at the university. In my research, I work with several companies working operating in my field of research. Currently, I am an Industrial post doc at Kongskilde Maskinfabrik in Sorø, in a project supported by the National Advanced Technology Foundation.

Research area

  • Ammonia and odour emissions following field application of animal manure
  • Numerical modelling of soil strength and soil movement during soil injection of animal manure /soil tillage
  • Development of low-emission techniques for manure spreading
  • Acidification and soil injection of animal manure and succeeding ammonia and odour emissions


  • Methods for determination of ammonia emission in the field
  • Technologies for the reduction of ammonia, odour and greenhouse gas emissions associated with manure spreading
  • Serve as academic advisor for undergraduate, master and PhD students

Knowledge exchange

  • Member of  MELT (Danish Environmental Protection Agency expert panel for assessment of environmental technologies in the Agro-Business) responsible for field application of animal manure
  • Expert on the field: gas emissions related to manure spreading

Major project commitments

2012 -  Industrial post doc at Kongskilde Industries: Numerical modelling of Soil strength and Soil movement

2009 – 2010  Effect of acidification of animal slurry on ammonia emission following land spreading (SyreN), (work package leader)

2008 – 2011 Landspreading of animal slurry in growing crops using wide soil injectors (UNTER), (work package leader)

2007- 2011 Work Package 4 of the project Strategies for Reduction of odour from Pig production (STOP), dealing with landspreading of animal slurry in growing cereal crops (work package leader)

Latest activities and conferences

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