Barbara Vad Andersen


Barbara Vad Andersen


Barbara Vad Andersen is currently working on the project "The Omnibus Satiety Metric" A multimodal metric for predicting the satiating effects of real foods and drinks. Acronym: OmniSaM. OmniSaM is proposed as a multi-modal metric that targets the full spectrum of processes underlying the satiety cascade, composing brain, blood, mind and behavior of consumers. In the project high-resolution neuroimaging data is conducted from the hypothalamus, whilst simultaneously recording appetitive hormones, blood metabolite composition, subjective sensory indices of appetite, desires, and well-being, and behavioral metrics of consumption vigor.

Barbara completed her PhD studies within Sensory & Consumer Science at The National Food Institute, DTU, in 2015. The title of the PhD thesis was “Sensory factors in food satisfaction -an understanding of the satisfaction term and a measurement of factors involved in sensory- and food satisfaction”. She holds a master in Human Nutrition from Copenhagen University, where she specialized in sensory science focusing on development of food preferences.

Key qualifications

In-depth knowledge about:

  • psychological, physiological and contextual factors affecting human food choice and satisfaction
  • formation of food preferences
  • sensory strategies to healthy eating
  • objective sensory analysis
  • subjective sensory analysis
  • questionnaire development and focus group interviews
  • statistical analysis
  • project planning, execution and evaluation
  • scientific writing


Additional knowledge:

  • measuring and analysing behaviour (Noldus)
  • teaching and supervision

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