Department of Economics and Business Economics

Hartanto Wijaya Wong

Associate professor

Hartanto Wijaya Wong


Supply Chain Design and Management (Master)

Applied Modeling in Logistics (Master)

Advanced Excel (Master)

Operations Management (Bachelor)

Research interests

Service parts logistics

Mass Customization

Product line design

Interface between Marketing and Operations Management
Selected publications
H. Wong, A. Potter, and M. Naim: Evaluation of postponement in the soluble coffee supply chain: A case study. International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 131, No. 1, pp. 355-364, 2011.
H. Wong, J. Wikner, and M. Naim: Analysis of form postponement based on optimal positioning of the differentiation point and stocking decisions, International Journal of Production Research, vol 47, pp 1201-1224, 2009.
H. Wong, G.J. van Houtum, D. Cattrysse, and D. Van Oudheusden: Multi-item spare parts systems with lateral transshipments and waiting time constraints, European Journal of Operational Research, vol 171, pp 1071-1093, 2006.
H. Wong, D. Cattrysse, and D. Van Oudheusden: Stocking decisions for repairable spare parts pooling in a multi-hub system, International Journal of Production Economics, vol 93-94, pp 309-317, 2005.


Associate Professor
Member of the Logistics Section
Research Secretaries: Ingrid Lautrup and Betina Sørensen

PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (2004)




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