Department of Economics and Business Economics

Hartanto Wijaya Wong

Associate professor

Hartanto Wijaya Wong

Teaching interests
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Operations Research / Management Science models

Research interests
Service parts logistics
Mass Customization
Interface between Marketing and Operations Management
Selected publications
H. Wong, A. Potter, and M. Naim: Evaluation of postponement in the soluble coffee supply chain: A case study. International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 131, No. 1, pp. 355-364, 2011.
H. Wong, J. Wikner, and M. Naim: Analysis of form postponement based on optimal positioning of the differentiation point and stocking decisions, International Journal of Production Research, vol 47, pp 1201-1224, 2009.
H. Wong, G.J. van Houtum, D. Cattrysse, and D. Van Oudheusden: Multi-item spare parts systems with lateral transshipments and waiting time constraints, European Journal of Operational Research, vol 171, pp 1071-1093, 2006.
H. Wong, D. Cattrysse, and D. Van Oudheusden: Stocking decisions for repairable spare parts pooling in a multi-hub system, International Journal of Production Economics, vol 93-94, pp 309-317, 2005.


Associate Professor
Member of the Logistics Section
Research Secretaries: Ingrid Lautrup and Betina Sørensen

PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (2004)




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