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Nina Smith


Nina Smith


MSc (Econ), Aarhus University, 1981

Member of the Labour and Public Policy Section
Secretary: Susan Stilling


Nina Smith is professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics. She graduated from Aarhus University 1981 (MSc Economics). She has been professor at Aarhus School of Business and pro vice-chancellor at Aarhus University. Her primary research interest is labour economics, migration and education economics. She has been chairman of the board of the Danish Independent Research Councils, member of the Danish Social Science Research Council, and served as member or chairman of a number of boards of directors of national research institutes and private firms. She has been chairman of the Danish Economic Council and member of several government commissions and councils

Research Interests

  • Labour supply and taxation
  • Family-friendly policies and women’s career
  • Women in top management and firm performance
  • School size, behavioural problems and student outcomes

Recent Publications

  • Parrotta, P. and N. Smith (2015), Why So Few Women on Boards of Directors? Empirical Evidence from Danish Companies 1997-2010, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Humlum, M. and N. Smith (2015), Long-Term Effects of School Size on Students' Outcomes, Economics of Education Review, vol 45, pp. 28-43.
  • Smith, N. and V. Smith (2015), Women in top management positions - why so few? And does it matter? Danish Journal of Management & Business, Vol. 1, pp. 23-37.
  • Kristoffersen, J.H.G., C. Obel and N. Smith (2014), Gender differences in behavioral problems and school outcomes. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 115, pp. 75-93.
  • Smith, N. (2014), Quota Regulations of Gender Composition on Boards of Directors. CESifo DICE Report, Vol. 2, pp. 42-48.
  • Smith, N. (2014), Gender Quotas on Boards of Directors, IZA World of Labor 2014:7, IZA and Bloomsbury.
  • Smith, N., V. Smith, and M. Verner (2013), Why are so few females promoted into CEO and Vice-President Positions? Danish empirical evidence 1997-2007. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 66(2): 380-408.



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