Anne Sjørup Bertelsen

PhD Student, PhD Fellow

Anne Sjørup Bertelsen


PhD project: Sensory factors affecting sweetness perception of beverages: the association of inter and intra cultural differences.

Supervisor: Ulla Kidmose, Associate professor

Co-supervisors: Line Mielby, Post Doc and Derek V. Byrne, Professor and Science Team Leader

Project term: 01-05-2017 to 30-04-2020

Master’s degree: MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Tehcnology, Aarhus University



My PhD-project is connected to a project called InnoSweet. The PhD-project will focus on intra-product and human cross cultural differences on sweetness perception. It is known that congruency between stimuli from different modalities (such as color-taste, texture-taste and flavor-taste) are culturally dependent. Thus, it is highly relevant to study these effects if new foods and beverages should be launched with success across the world.



The primary aim of the PhD-project is to study the effect of:

  • Taste-taste interactions on sweetness perception,
  • Cross-modal interactions on sweetness perception and
  • Cross-cultural differences and the effect on sweetness perception in particular between different cultures.

Research outline:

The project will deal with understanding the intra-product factors such as taste-taste, flavor-taste, color-taste and texture-taste interactions influencing sweetness perception. This will be carried out with different designed beverages in order to identify the potential sensory factors to maintain sweetness in beverages in various consumer markets across different cultures.


Industrial collaboration partners in InnoSweet:


DuPont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

Rynkeby Foods A/S

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