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Erin Joyce Rosenberg

Member of Academic Staff, Research Assistant

Erin Joyce Rosenberg-Andreasen


Erin serves as UrbNet’s Research Assistant in Geoarchaeometry, under the direction of Gry Barfod. She is based in Aarhus Geochemistry and Isotope Research Platform (AGIR) in the Department of Geoscience. Erin was hired to help develop the chemistry needed for lead isotope-based provenance studies of some of UrbNet’s artifacts. Ultimately, she will also be performing chemical and isotopic analyses on these and other artifacts, and training other laboratory users to do the same.


Erin is happily married to a Dane. The couple have 3 young children, who speak both Danish and English, as their first languages. In her spare time, Erin studies Danish at Lærdansk—Aarhus, and she is always very happy to practice her limited Danish with colleagues and friends.

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