Pernille Merete Sarup

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Pernille Merete Sarup
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During my career as a population geneticist I have worked on several interesting projects, elucidating how genes and the environment interact in shaping the phenotype, and differences in this response within and among populations. My work has focused on environmental stress and selection, looking at adaptations and correlated responses to natural or artificial selection, using several species of fruit flies as model organisms (Drosophila buzzatii, D. simulans and D. melanogaster) and lately data from production animals in collaboration with the industry, linking genetic variation to the phenotypic variation. I use and combine information from the newest molecular technologies, detailed phenotypic data, and quantitative genetic modelling. This approach makes it possible for me to gain in-depth knowledge about the associations between genotype, and phenotype, which is central to both modern biology and prediction of breeding values in animal breeding. 

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