Muhammad Adil Rashid

PhD Student

Muhammad Adil Rashid


The world human population is increasing at an alarming pace and more people needs to be fed in future. Conversely, agricultural production is facing more competition for water, land and energy, and pressure to protect the environment from any negative effects. Apart from population pressure, climate change induced heat and drought stresses are also major culprits for crop productivity losses; therefore strengthening the need for judicial use of resources. Since the natural resources are either same or deteriorating/declining, resource-use efficiency has to be increased. In this project, our focus is to investigate

  1. How wheat productivity and water-use efficiency are being affected by climate change induced “extreme weather events” (i.e. heat waves and drought periods) under humid and dry conditions.
  2. It is also under consideration to study/enhance the water-use efficiency of wheat under field conditions by reducing the Evapotranspiration through agronomic practices viz. straw mulching, deficit irrigation and partial root – zone drying (PRD) irrigation.
  3. Part of the PhD will be to study how the current agronomic practices will benefit/perform in future under different climate change scenarios. 

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