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Hongyan Jenny Li

Associate professor

Hongyan Jenny Li


Associate Professor
Member of the Logistics Section

Education: MSc, PhD 2007
Position: Associate professor, 2011
Research Secretaries: Ingrid Lautrup and Betina Sørensen

Hongyan Li is associate professor at the School of Business and Social Science. She received her PhD from Lancaster University Management School, UK, 2007, and holds a MSc, from Northeastern University, China. Her primary research and teaching interests are in Operations Management, Revenue Management and Operations Research. She has been engaged in a few research projects on Management Science. Currently, she is particularly interested in further developing newly interdisciplinary research topics, like Operations Management with Behavioral Concerns.

Teaching Interests

  • Operations Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Simulation
  • Operations Research

Research Interests 

  • Operations Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Competition and cooperation in SCM
  • Inventory Management
  • Decision Analysis


Selected Publications 

  • A FTA-based method for risk decision-making in emergency response, (with Yang Liu, Zhiping Fan, Yuan Yuan), Computers & Operations Research. In Press. 2012, Online available.
  • Competition under capacitated dynamic lot sizing with capacity acquisition, (with Joern Meissner), International Journal of Production Economics. 2011, 131(2): 535-544.
  • Capacitated dynamic lot sizing with capacity acquisition (with Joern Meissner), International Journal of Production Research. 2011, 49(16): 4945-4963.
  • Collaborative supply chain planning under dynamic lot sizing costs with capacity decision (with Tianhui You and Xiaoyi Luo), System Engineering and Electronic Technology, 2010, 22(2): 247-256.
  • A strategic capacity allocation model for a complex supply chain: formulation and solution approach comparison (with Linda Hendry and Teunter Ruud), International Journal of Production Economics. 2009, 121: 505-518.


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