Hans Henrik Pedersen

Hans Henrik Pedersen
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Project title: Wide Span technology for efficient and environmentally friendly vegetable production

PhD student: Hans Henrik Pedersen

Period: 14/03-2011 to 13/07-2014

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Claus Grøn Sørensen

Co-supervisors: Assistant Prof. Frank W. Oudshoorn, Senior Researcher Lars Munkholm

Research section: Mechanical Engineering


Project description:

Wide span is a new tractor concept that allows you to grow crops in wide beds. The tractor is wide when driving in the field. When transported, it is long and narrow. By use of wide span, tractors’ compaction of the soils due to field traffic can be reduced to cover approximately 10% of the field area only.


The overall hypothesis of wide span technology on farms is that crops can be produced at lower costs and with reduced environmental impact compared to traditional growing systems. During my project I will:


  • specify design requirements for growing systems and a wide span technology. These are based on structured interviews with potential farm users from Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • evaluate the impact of a compaction on the soil conditions. This was done through a field trial with onions.
  • assess the environmental impact of the wide span growing system compared to traditional growing systems.

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