Md. Nahidul Islam

PhD Student, Research Assistant, Former employee

Md. Nahidul Islam
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PhD project: Postharvest quality changes of onions during long-term storage. Non-destructive quality assessment and modeling of bulb quality.

University: Aarhus University

Department: Department of Food Science

Supervisor: Merete Edelenbos, PhD, Associate Professor

Co supervisors: Senior scientist, Jørn Nygaard Sørensen; Senior scientist, Oliver Körner (Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Großbeeren, Germany)

Project supervisor: Merete Edelenbos, PhD, Associate Professor

Project term: 01-04-2015 – 31-03-2018

Master’s degree: Master of Engineering in Food Science, Jiangnan University, China




Global loss and waste of fruits and vegetables is estimated to be 44% of the total production. In Denmark, it is estimated, that total loss and waste of potatoes, fruit and vegetables is around 368.000 tonnes per year out of a total yearly production of 645.000 tonnes. Of this, 193,000 tonnes are lost at primary production, corresponding to 30% of the total production; and having a value of 0.6 billion DKK out of a total of 2 billion DDK per year. Fresh produce is mainly lost after harvest due to lack of knowledge-based storage-management systems that can be used for optimization of harvesting, handling, curing, drying and storage of the variable qualities of harvested fresh produce. More advanced quality-assurance systems are therefore needed to minimize the high risks of losses in long-term storage of organic and conventional fresh produce especially towards the end of the storage period.



  • To map fresh produce quality and microclimate successively during commercial storage.
  • To evaluate the effects of biological control agents to reduce postharvest losses.  
  • To determine the effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on quality and shelf-life.
  • To elucidate the effects of abiotic stress on formation/release of chemical compounds.


Fresh produce will be selected for mapping experiments at commercial settings and microclimate measurements will be taken (in collaboration with AgroTech and partners). Relations between quality at harvest and changes during storage in response to microclimate will be determined by multivariate data analysis. The effects of biological control agents to minimize spoilage of natural infected produce will be tested on onions/root crops (at AU-DFS). Moreover, the effects of treatment with stress elicitors on activation/production of chemical defense compound as well as effects of constant high and fluctuating low temperature on shelf life will be tested at (AU-DFS).



  • SeedCom A/S; Bejo Zaden BV
  • Gyldensteen; Axel Månsson A/S; Bøje Skytte Brogaard; DANESPO Food A/S
  • GASA Nord Grønt I/S; DANESPO Food A/S
  • Grimme Skandinavien A/S; ASA Lift A/S; Hallum Trading ApS; Airvention ApS; Dantech ApS
  • AgroTech
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre (PRI-WUR) on microbiology and pathology
  • HortiAdvice Scandinavia A/S



  • New methods and technologies to reduce food losses during storage



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