Felix Beulig


Felix Beulig


I am interested in the role of microorganisms in biogeochemical cycles, and all the complex interactions microbes have with each other and their environment.

My current research investigates the biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of marine sediments. Here, I focus on microbial processes that drive methane cycling in the global seabed. Important questions I try to answer include:

What controls the distribution and rates of organic matter mineralization in marine sediments?
Where is methane produced and consumed in the seabed, and which microorganisms are responsible for these processes?

How important is a "cryptic cycling" of methane in marine sediments and how does it connect to other element cycles?

I mainly work with stinky mud from the Baltic sea, but my studies also allowed me to play with microbes that have been sleeping in the seabed for millions of years or withstood the cold breath of sleeping volcanos!

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