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Morten Jakobsen

Associate professor

Morten Jakobsen

Academic Programme Coordinator for MSc in Accounting and Controlling


The pivotal point of Morten Jakobsens’ work is to reach a deeper understanding of the interplay between actions taken by different actors in organisations and the accounting technologies they engage with in order to construct certain perceptions of reality. The motivation for this work is a concern for the lack of correspondence between the ontological and epistemological assumptions related to the employment of accounting technologies and the phenomena these technologies claim to account for.


Teaching interests
Managerial accounting
Philosophy of Science

Research Interests
Interplay between actors in organisations and management accounting technologies
Governmentality and management accounting
Roles of management accounting practices in the construction of reality
Management accounting and inter-organisational relationships
Validity and reliability of performance measurement packages

Research areas


Associate Professor

PhD, MSc

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