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Per Rydahl Nielsen

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Per Rydahl Nielsen
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Development, maintenance and system export of the weeds module of the decision support system (DSS) named Crop Protection Online (CPO-weeds), which on a field level can:

  • provide directions that ensure ‘punctual care’ in relation to crop weed control throughout a growing season
  • assist identification of weed species
  • quantify needs for weed control
  • suggest herbicide treatment options, which match the need
  • provide overviews of the efficacy of herbicides and herbicide mixtures under different conditions

CPO-weeds include 30 crops, 105 weed species and is currently updated with changes in supply of herbicides and data on use of these. CPO-weeds has been tested in >2,000 Danish field trials, and results show that the DSS provide recommendations, which are robust and with have a potential of about 50% reduction of herbicide use in cereals and about 20% reduction in other crops. CPO-weeds has also been implemented in Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

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