Albert Kwame Osei-Owusu

PhD Student

Albert Kwame Osei-Owusu


I have a background in Agricultural, Environmental and Ecological Economics. My research work involves the utilization of regression and MRIO models for simulations, forecasting and policy. My PhD thesis is about the Global Analysis of Trade-related Emissions (GATE) with special focus  on livestock products. I am supervised by Prof. Marianne Thomsen and Dr. Dario Caro. Empirical evidence asserts international trade contributes to the growing share of global GHG emissions. With the predicted significant proliferation of the global population, increasing consumption is expected to drive emissions that will elapse national borders through trade. It is imperative these embodied emissions in trade are acknowledged in global climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Using a Danish CGE local interregional (LINE) and hybrid input-output Life Cycle Assessment models and, we will evaluate both production and consumption based emissions associated with the Danish, and global livestock sectors.

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