Helge Rørdam Olesen

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Helge Rørdam Olesen
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 My primary field of work is mathematical modelling of air pollution. I have specialised in short range atmospheric dispersion models, which handle pollution from industry etc. I have been developing and using such models, and in particular I have been working with creation and maintenance of the Danish OML atmospheric dispersion model. Furthermore, I have been engaged in user-oriented work, such as training and formulation of guidelines. I have participated in many assessment studies as well as consultancy work.

During recent years I have worked with projects on residential wood combustion (e.g. the Danish "Wooduse" project, wooduse.dmu.dk), air pollution from ships, and various projects involving industrial pollution and traffic pollution.

An important aspect of my work has been efforts on an international level in order to establish common tools within dispersion modelling. I am the chairman of the European Initiative on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, which co-operates with the European Environment Agency. The aim of this initiative is to bring more consistency into the methods that are used for air quality modelling in Europe. In my capacity of chairman I have been organiser or co-organiser of international conferences and workshops, and I maintain the initiative's extensive set of Web pages. In the context of the Harmonisation initiative, I have had the leading role in establishing the so-called Model Validation Kit. The Model Validation Kit is a compilation of field data sets, software and documentation. It provides a framework for evaluation of atmospheric dispersion models, and it is meant to serve internationally as a common frame of reference for modellers. The kit has been used extensively by a large number of research groups world-wide since its first version was released in 1993.

 I have extensive experience with computer programming and computer-related activities such as development and maintenance of Web pages.

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