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Solveig Gade



In 2008 I completed my Ph.D. on interventionist strategies in contemporary theatre and visual art at the University of Copenhagen. Subsequently I served as a dramaturge at the Danish Royal Theatre (between 2008 and 2014), where I collaborated with directors and companies such as Christoph Marthaler, Michael Thalheimer, Elisa Kragerup & Det Røde Rum (including the Reumert awarded performances Metamorphoses, The Good Person from SzechwanThe Sorrows of Young Werther) Christian Lollike & the dance company Corpus (including Uropa and the Reumert awarded In Contact), Nielsen (including The European Media and the Reumert nominated The Market (is no Place)), Rune David Grue (including the Reumert nominated Crime and Punishment and Ulysses von Ithacia), Katrine Wiedemann, and Anders Paulin (on the curatorial project Temporary National Theatre). In 2014 I was granted a three year individual postdoc entitled War Archives: Art, Power and Historiography within the late Modern War Paradigm (supported by the Danish Independent Research Council in collaboration with The University of Copenhagen). Since 2016 I have been associate professor at the Department of Dramaturgy and Musicology at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.

Currently I’m working on a project on representations of contemporary war and conflict in documentary theatre, dance and visual art. Concurrently, I am participating in the collective research project Images of Conflict – Conflicting Images (2017-2021), funded by the Velux Foundation.

I am author of the monograph Intervention & Kunst: politisk og socialt engagement i samtidskunsten (politisk revy, 2010), and my work on interventionist dramaturgies and artistic representations of war and conflict have been published in journals and anthologies such as TDR/The Drama Review, The Journal of War and Culture Studies, Diffractions, Peripeti, K&K, Performance in a Militarized Culture (ed. Sara Brady and Lindsey Mantoan, Routledge, forthcoming), Schlingensief: Art without Borders (ed. Anna Scheer &  Tara Forest, Intellect Books, 2011), and Postdramaturgien (ed. Sandra Umathum, Neofelis Verlag, forthcoming). I serve on the advisory editorial board of Performance Research and the board of the Danish journal Peripeti.

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