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Christian B. N. Gade

Assistant Professor

Christian B.N. Gade


I am Assistant Professor of Human Security at Aarhus University. My educational background is in philosophy, and I wrote my PhD on ubuntu (African philosophy) and restorative justice in post apartheid South Africa. 

At the moment, I am doing research on victim-offender mediation, punishment, the local turn in peacebuilding and African philosophy. Since 2013, I have been part of the collective research project “TrustLand: Governing transition in Northern Uganda” funded by the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research. 

In addition to being an assistant professor, I am also a victim-offender mediator for the Police in Eastern Jutland, a teacher for the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution and the owner of the consultancy company Gade Consult. 



  • 2014: Certified victim-offender mediator for the Danish National Police.
  • 2014: Certified teacher for the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution. 
  • 2014:Certified street mediation instructor for the Danish Red Cross Youth.
  • 2013: PhD in philosophy from Aarhus University. 

Work experience

  • 2015-: Assistant Professor of Human Security, Aarhus University.
  • 2014-: Victim-offender mediator for the police in Eastern Jutland. I have mediated in cases about violence, threats, involuntary manslaughter, etc. (see http://konfliktraad.dk - click here to watch a video about a case I have mediated).
  • 2014-: Owner of the consultancy company Gade Consult (training and workshops on conflict management).
  • 2014-: Teacher for the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution, Copenhagen.
  • 2013-: Post-doc research in the project TrustLand: Governing Transition in Northern Uganda which is funded by the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research.
  • 2011-: Coordinator of the Danish Network on Restorative Justice. The network was established after an international conference on restorative justice which I arranged at Aarhus University in 2011 in collaboration with a number of partners. Since then, I have arranged a number of network lectures with international experts.
  • 2009-2010: Fellow at the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, Gulu, Uganda (one and a half months).
  • 2008: Intern at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town, South Africa (four months). The institute received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2008.
  • 2006-2007: Human Rights lecturer for Amnesty International Denmark. 

Anthropological fieldwork

  • 2016: Fieldwork in Uganda (one month).
  • 2015: Fieldwork in Uganda (2 x one month).
  • 2014: Fieldwork in Uganda (one month).
  • 2013: Fieldwork in Uganda (one month). 
  • 2012: Fieldwork in South Africa (one month).
  • 2010: Fieldwork in Uganda (one month).
  • 2009: Fieldwork in Uganda (one month).
  • 2009: Fieldwork in South Africa (one month).
  • 2008: Fieldwork in South Africa (four months). 

Teaching and training

  • I have been teaching in the International Master’s Degree Programme in Human Security since 2013. Here I am responsible for the course “Conflict Dynamics and Management” and the first half of our introduction course “Human Security: Core Concepts Contextualized”. At Aarhus University, I have also taught courses about Colonialism, Narratives and Conflict Management (2014) and a course on Conflict Management in Africa (2011).
  • In my company Gade Consult, I have made a number of training and teaching tasks for different groups, including Victim Support Denmark, the Danish National Police, the Danish military’s Conduct After Capture Unit, Red Cross Youth, and SSP.
  • I have taught the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution’s course on Practical Conflict Management, and I have made a number of requisitioned assignments for the centre.
  • I have facilitated conflict management and mediation training for many groups in Denmark and also for groups in Nepal and Kenya. I have for instance been training victim-offender mediators from the Danish National Police and street mediation instructors from the Danish Red Cross Youth.

Ongoing research

  • Gade,C.B.N. A Discourse on African Philosophy: A New Perspective on Ubuntu and Transitional Justice in South Africa. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2017 [accepted].
  • Gade, C.B.N. Straf. The book will be part of the series Reflections (Tænkepauser) from Aarhus University Press.

Selected publications

  • Gade, C.B.N. Genoprettende retfærdighed i Danmark. Report published by the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution in Copenhagen, 2015. LINK
  • Gade, C.B.N., R. Willerslev & L. Meinert. “Half-Trust and Enmity in Ikland, Northern Uganda.” Common Knowledge 21, no. 3 (2015): 406-419. LINK
  • Gade, C.B.N. 2013. “Restorative Justice and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process.” South African Journal of Philosophy 32, no. 1 (2013): 10-35. LINK
  • Gade, C.B.N. Ubuntu and Restorative Justice. PhD dissertation, Aarhus University, 2013. 
  • Gade, C.B.N. “What is Ubuntu? Different Interpretations among South Africans of African Descent.” South African Journal of Philosophy 31, no. 3 (2012): 484-503. LINK
  • Gade, C.B.N. “The Historical Development of the Written Discourses on Ubuntu.” South African Journal of Philosophy 30, no. 3 (2011): 303-329. LINK

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