Fauziatu Ahmed

PhD Student

Fauziatu Ahmed


Title: Biochar amendment to temperate and tropical sandy soils: Effect on root development and nutrient availability

Project description: Sandy soils both in temperate and tropical regions are amongst the least productive compared to other soil types. Danish coarse sandy soils have low water holding capacity and their high mechanical resistance to root penetration restricts the root depth of crops. Thus roots are shallow, water and nutrients are displaced frequently so that plants cannot utilize them. In Ghana, the Keta Sand spit is important for vegetable production.  Irrigation has been practiced for many years and dry season farming is totally dependent on it. However, overexploitation of groundwater has resulted in salt water intrusion into irrigation wells. Consequently, an increase in soil salt salinity which affects the yields of salt sensitive crops. Biochar is emerging as a solution to enhance crop growth and improve soil properties. The main objective of this study is to determine the effect of biochar amendment on root development and nutrient availability for maize in Danish sandy soils. In Ghana, the effect of biochar on soil salinity and yield of shallot will be investigated. It is expected that the information generated will minimize the reliance of Danish farmers on the use of irrigation and artificial fertilizers. In addition, it will provide sustainable solutions to farmers in Ghana most of whom are below the poverty line and cannot afford any yield reduction.  This project is linked to the Green Cohesive Agricultural Resource Management project (WEBSOC) http://websoc.net/.

ID: 81792151