Leendert Vergeynst

PhD, Assistant Professor

Research interest

Engineering biochemical processes at the interplay between organisms and pollutants is my main research interest. Therefore, my focus goes to investigating consequences of environmental pollution and to developing advanced technologies for combating environmental pollution. 

In my current research, I investigate oil spill biodegradation processes in Arctic marine environments (seawater, sea ice, sediment) by means of both laboratory and field experiments (focus on Greenland). 

Areas of expertise

  • Analytical organic chemistry - screening - chemometrics
    I am expert in chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. I developed LC-MS based chemometric techniques to screen and quantify micropollutants in water and advanced GC-MS-based oil-fingerprinting techniques to investigate oil degradation processes.
  • Environmental fate of organic pollutants
    I study the fate of pollutants including micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals and oil residues in drinking water, terrestrial aquatic environments, wastewater treatment and in marine environments
  • Environmental microbiology
    Using molecular biology techniques (high-throughput sequencing) and bioinformatics, I investigate microbial-oil interactions and oil bioremediation processes.
  • Multivariate statistics
    I apply and improve multivariate statistics for data mining and to reach a thorough understanding of complex processes

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