Carl-Otto Ottosen

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Carl-Otto Ottosen
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My key research focus is on the responses of plants to abiotic responses using gas exchange or photosynthesis as the key factor for explaining the adaptability of plants. Part of this work is included in the concept for dynamic climate control called IntelliGrow. The main focus has been studies on greenhouse grown plants, both ornamentals and vegetables. The research has been made in close collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the grower’s advisors. The results from the RTD have been implemented commercially and the decline in energy consumption per m2 in Danish ornamental is in part due to the result of the implementation.

I have been in charge of research and development within DJF in a number of different combinations as head of department for Floriculture and research group leader for Floriculture. I have been and I am currently heading number of nationally and internationally funded large research projects recently “the ornamental package concerning quality of ornamentals plants with a budget of 3.5 million Euro over four years and previous energy saving projects (IntelliGrow) and a EU-project under the 5th Framework on the climate tolerance of greenhouse grown plants.

Currently I am coordinating research and development within the horticultural consortium Team Horticulture that consists of the agricultural and veterinary universities, sector research institutes and private industry). I am also a member of board of the Plant Stress Network, which aims at developing collaboration between basic and applied research to be able to use biotechnology in whole plant physiological contexts.

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