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Valdemar Smith

Associate professor

Valdemar Smith


Associate Professor
MSc (Econ), University of Aarhus, 1980

Member of Industrial Organisation and Trade Section

Research Secretaries: Susan Stilling and Mette Vad Andersen

Research Interests

  • Firm performance and corporate governance
  • Economics of innnovation and R&D
  • Regional growth and inequalities
  • The wine market and alcohol consumption

Selected Publications

  • Why are so few females promoted into CEO and Vice-President positions? Danish empirical evidence 1997-2007.  Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 66, Nr. 2, 4, 2013, s. 380-408. (with Nina Smith & Mette Verner)
  • Do firms' growth rates depend on firm size? Small Business Economics, Vol. 39, Nr. 4, 2012, s. 937-947. (with Jan Bentzen & Erik Strøjer Madsen)
  • Do women in top management affect firm performance? A panel study of 2500 Danish firms. International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management Vol. 55 No. 7, 2006 pp 569-593 (with Nina Smith & Mette Verner).
  • Efficiency, R&D and Ownership - Some Empirical Evidence. International Journal of Production Economics. 2003, 83, 1, s. 85-94. (with Mogens Dilling-Hansen and Erik Strøjer Madsen).


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