Anna Severine Beck

BA; MA;, PhD Fellow, PhD Student

Anna Severine Beck


Working on the PhD project

The idea of 'The Good Life' - a study of people, architecture and temporality in the Late Iron Age

In my project, I investigate the house as an archaeological phenomenon with a special focus on a critique of the typological approach. Typology has been dominating the approach to houses within Scandinavian settlement archaeology but has limited the use of the house as archaeological object to a ‘dating fossil’ ignoring that the house is also an expression (and creator) of human norms, needs and ideals.

The aim of the project is to go beyond the typology and present an alternative approach that has its starting point in assemblage theory and a multitemporal perspective. In this process, I will discuss the consequences of how the typology represents the material culture, discuss how temporality is present and materialize in architecture and how an investigation of temporality can give new insights into the role of architecture.

The empirical study is based on the longhouse in Late Iron Age southern Scandinavia (500-1100 AD) and the specific aim is to use the longhouses to present a new interpretation of the period. The scope of the theoretical and methodological discussions are wider though as the theoretical and methodological discussions are relevant in a broader context of settlement archaeology in Scandinavia.




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