Anette Vandsø


Anette Vandsø

My reseach focusses on the use of technologies in art and society. I am en expert in (sounding) avangarde art, experimental music (John Cage), sound art, new music, Danish composers, Nordic composers, Sound art, installation art, and art that uses nature as a material. 

Reconfiguring Nature. In a collaboration between ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum and Aarhus University I research I changing relation to nature, and how art through the times have adressed this relation. 


A World In Sound is a post doc project supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research's Elite program. It seeks ways to understand how sound (re)producing technologies are used to adress issues in contemporary culture. How is an artwork able to bring about awareness of climate changes or digital culture, 9/11 or Nuclear Disasters? I deals with contemporary Sound Art, Nordic Sound Art, and soundaritsts such as the Danish Jacob Kirkegaard

The project also seeks to develop a theoretical understanding of the media concept in relation to sound art - including the question of intermediality and "mediality". 

The post doc project aim at developing internaitional, collaborative reserach environments. Both through a nordic network of sound art studies and through a large, internaitonal conference in 2016.

In my ph.d. project I did reserach in the avantgardes, new music and the intricate relation between music as an art work and as an aesthetic practice. My book "Musik som værk og handling" Aarhus Universitetsforslag 2016, is based on this project. 


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