Anette Vandsø


Anette Vandsø

My researh areas are contemporary art, sound art, sound culture, experimental music, danish and noric composers. In generel I investigate the role of aesthetics in our culture.  


In my current reserach project THE GARDEN: RECONFIGURING NATURE  I ask how art and aesthetics overtime have expressed and explored our changing worldviews and selfperception, with a specific interest in our changing relation to nature.

The project is made in a collaboration between ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum and Aarhus University, in relation to ARoS trinnial exhibition The Garden: the End of Times: the Beginning of Time. 

I have written about New Nordic Cuisine, Meg Websters garden art, I have interviewed Bruno Latour, given lectures on Anthropocene Art, art and climate changes. 


Previous reserach:


A World In Sound is a post doc project supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research's Elite program. It seeks ways to understand how sound (re)producing technologies are used to adress issues in contemporary culture. How is an artwork able to bring about awareness of climate changes or digital culture, 9/11 or Nuclear Disasters? It deals with contemporary Sound Art, Nordic Sound Art, and sound aritsts such as  Jacob Kirkegaard, Stephen Vitiello, Gilberto Zorio, Hong Kai Wang etc.

I am the founder of the Nordic Network for Researh on Sound Art (Norsa) and arranger of a large internaitonal conference on sound art in 2016.

In my ph.d. project I did reserach in the avantgardes, new music and the intricate relation between music as an art work and as an aesthetic practice. My book "Musik som værk og handling" Aarhus Universitetsforslag 2016, is based on this project. I am an expert in Danish/nordic composers after 1960 (Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Simon Steen-Adensen, Juliana Hodkinson etc.) John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Fluxus, Margereth Leng Tan.


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