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PhD, Dr.phil.habil. & Dr.theol.habil., Professor with Special Responsibilities

Dorthe Jørgensen


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Professor of Philosophy and the History of Ideas


Areas of Research:

Philosophical Aesthetics; Hermeneutic Phenomenology; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Experience; Philosophy of Beauty; Continental Philosophy; Theories of Modernity; Philosophy of History; Aesthetics and Religion; Theological Aesthetics; Philosophy of Science; Educational Philosophy


Dorthe Jørgensen has published 16 books and 145 articles and book chapters, and she has presented 268 invited key notes, guest lectures, and talks.

For 25 years she has taught at all levels (BA, graduate, PhD) in many different disciplines and courses within the research areas mentioned above, including her introduction in 1995 of the discipline "History of Aesthetic Ideas" (BA), which she keeps developing, and numerous graduate and Ph.D.-courses in, for example, philosophical and theological aesthetics.


Education and Higher Doctorate Degrees:

Besides having a PhD in the History of Ideas, Dorthe Jørgensen has two Higher Doctorate Degrees, one in Philosophy and another in Theology. The Danish Higher Doctorate Degrees dr.phil. and dr.theol. are awarded at a level higher than the PhD. They are not educational degrees, but honors. 

Dr.theol. (Higher Doctorate Degree in Theology), University of Aarhus, 2014

  • Discipline: systematic theologi, i.e. philosophy of religion
  • Honored work: Den skønne tænkning: Veje til erfaringsmetafysik. Religionsfilosofisk udmøntet (Beautiful Thinking: Pathways to Metaphysics of Experience. Religio-philosophically Implemented). Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2014, 965 pages. English and German Summaries, 39 pages

Dr.phil. (Higher Doctorate Degree in Philosophy), Aarhus University, 2006

  • Disciplines: philosophy and the history of ideas
  • Honored works: Skønhedens metamorfose: De æstetiske idéers historie (The Metamorphosis of Beauty: History of Aesthetic Ideas). Odense: Odense University Press, 2001, 481 pages, summary in English, bestseller 2002-2003, and Historien som værk: Værkets historie (History as a Work: The Work's History). Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2006, 305 pages, summary in English, bestseller 2006 

PhD, History of Ideas, University of Aarhus, 1995

  • Dissertation: Aber die Wärme des Bluts: Et studium i den romantisk-moderne dialektik imellem vilje til Form og erfaring af faktisk fragmentering. I anledning af G.W.F. Hegels fortrængning af modernitetserfaringen (Aber die Wärme des Bluts: A Study in the Romantico-modern Dialectic between the Will to Form and the Experience of Actual Fragmentation. On the Occasion of G.W.F. Hegel's Displacement of the Experience of Modernity). Aarhus: Modtryk, 1996, 407 pages, summary in German
  • 9 months visiting scholar, English Department, Columbia University, New York, 1991. 

MA, History of Ideas, University of Aarhus, 1988

  • Dissertation: Nær og fjern: Spor af en erfaringsontologi hos Walter Benjamin (Near and Far: Traces of an Ontology of Experience in Walter Benjamin). Aarhus: Modtryk, 1990, 168 pages
  • 1½ year, Philosophy and Social Science, Freie Universität Berlin, 1984-1986

BA, with high honors, History of Ideas, University of Aarhus, 1983


BA, with high honors, Literature, University of Aarhus, 1982


Other Monographs:

Nærvær og eftertanke: Mit pædagogiske laboratorium (Presence and Afterthought: My Educational Laboratory). Skive: Wunderbuch, 2015, 351 pages.

Verdenspoesi: Malerier og tankebilleder (World Poetry: Paintings and Thought-Images). Oil paintings by visual artist Bettina Winkelmann, thought-images by Dorthe Jørgensen. Aarhus: Kvindemuseets forlag, 2011, 79 pages, text in both English and Danish

Aglaias dans: På vej mod en æstetisk tænkning (Aglaia's Dance: Towards an Aesthetic Thinking). Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2008, 392 pages

Skønhed - En engel gik forbi (Beauty - An Angel Passed by). Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2006, 230 pages, bestseller 2006-2007

Viden og visdom: Spørgsmålet om de intellektuelle (Knowledge and Wisdom: The Question of the Intellectuals). Det lille forlag, 2002, 195 pages

Den blå blomst - og den pukkelryggede mandsling: Tekster og tankebilleder om kunst, liv og filosof (The Blue Flower - and the Little Hunchback: Texts and Thought-Images about Art, Life, and Philosophy). Aarhus: Modtryk, 1997, 197 pages


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