Lars Henrik Jacobsen

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Lars Henrik Jacobsen
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DSU testing of ornamentals

Ornamentals, variety testing, varieties, PBR, UPOV, CPVO, DUS, distinctness, uniformity, stability.

DUS-testing of new varieties of ornamentals. We conduct growing trials on varieties that are the subject of applications, to test whether they meet the criteria for grant. New varieties should be Distinct, Uniform and Stable.

Ongoing experiments:
The institute are testing new varieties of the following species: Anemone, Bougainvillea, Coprosma, Corydalis, Dieffenbachia, Dischidia, Euphorbia fulgens, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Exacum, Fargesia, Juncus, Juniperus, Justicia, Muehlenbeckia, Ophiopogon, Rhipsalidopsis, Ranunculus, Schlumbergera, Thuja, Tricyrtis and Zelkova.

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