Janne Flora

PhD, Postdoc

Research areas


Janne is a social anthropologist, with more than 15 years ethnographic research experience in different areas of Greenland. Her interests span broadly from kinship and relatedness, personhood, loneliness and longing, food, taste and the senses; through practices in interdisciplinarity, the history and production of scientific knowledge; to the notion and usage of living and inanimate resources, perceptions of climate change, and mapping of resource spaces.  

Her current research is based in East Greenland working in close collaboration with hunters in Ittoqqortoormiit and the Tasiilaq area, mapping their hunting areas with handheld GPSes. The method (and GPS app called Piniariarneq) is adapted from her earlier interdisciplinary work as part of The NOW-Project (www.now.ku.dk). Data from this project will feed into the Greenland East Coast Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas.

Janne has published on topics relating to suicide and reincarnation, knowing, unknowing and knowledge, education and migration. She is currently editing her first monograph entitled Relatedness, Loneliness and Longing in Greenland, under option with The University of Chicago Press. 

ID: 117335198