Mads Middelboe Rehder

Ph.D., Part-time Lecturer

Mads Middelboe Rehder
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Mads M. Rehder is a Danish anthropologist focused on youth and social media. He holds a postdoc position at Aarhus University, Department of Communication and Culture, working on a funded project exploring young people’s social media use as they create their future memories. He completed a PhD in Educational Anthropology from Aarhus University in which he investigated how siblings separated in early adulthood use social media to be present in each other’s everyday lives. His academic work investigates how digitally mediated interactions interweave across the daily life practices of young people and how these interactions relate to their bodily experiences and face-to-face interactions. He works from a phenomenological stance to further understand how bodily experiences from the past create perceptions of the present and affect expectations of the future.

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