Department of Economics and Business Economics

Gustavo Fruet Dias

Assistant Professor

Gustavo Fruet Dias


Assistant Professor
Member of the Econometrics Section

Education: B.A. in Econ, MSc Econ, MSc Fin. and Econometrics, PhD Economics 2013
Position: Assistant Professor, 2013
Research Secretaries: Solveig Nygaard Sørensen and Bodil Krog

Gustavo is an assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics and at CREATES (Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series). He completed his PhD at the School of Economics and Finance of Queen Mary, University of London in 2013. During his PhD, Gustavo was a visiting scholar at Duke University (Fall 2012). Gustavo has also taught several courses as a teaching assistant and course organizer at Queen Mary, University of London. Prior to start his PhD, Gustavo worked in the industry. Gustavo's research fields are Econometrics (Financial Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, Computational Economics) and Financial Economics (Empirical Finance).


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