Toke Bang-Andreasen

PhD Fellow

Toke Bang-Andreasen


Molecular microbial ecology is my research area and I focus mainly on how high throughput sequencing techniques can be used to asses responses in microbial community and functions after environmental changes to soil systems and how that may affect soil quality.

My PhD is part of the Center for Bioenergy Recycling – ASHBACK ( where we investigate the effects of re-circulation of wood ash, produced by power plant combustion, back into the forest ecosystem as a soil amendment. My part in this is to look into the microbial responses at both taxonomic and functional levels. By sequencing DNA and RNA of the soil microbes I obtain very detailed insight into who is there (DNA), who is active (RNA) and what they do (mRNA) and how all of these responds to ash application. In other words: I use metatranscriptomics (total RNA) and amplicon (16S rRNA and ITS) sequencing. A large part of my PhD is to process and analyze the resulting billions of sequences bioinformaticly.

Previous work includes working with microbial communities in permafrost using molecular tools together with greenhouse gas flux measurements and responses in these upon thaw of permafrost.

ID: 86072151