Hamidreza Ardalani

PhD Student

Hamidreza Ardalani



PhD project: Uptake and metabolisation of phytochemicals and pesticides in honey bees: toxic or health sustaining effects?

Aims: Honey bees are ideal pollinators and subject to numerous stressors such as reduced flower diversity, new parasites, and chronical exposure to agrochemicals. In this project, I study the effects of plant secondary metabolites (PSMs) on the detoxification system of honey bees and the sacbrood virus (SBV) level when the bees are co-exposed to selected pesticides. The combination of analytical techniques (LC-MSQTRAP, GC-TOF-MS, LC-HRMS, NMR), biological approaches (RT-qPCR) and metabolomics proceedings as a state-of-the-art will enrich a comprehensive ambience to clarify some agro-ecological questions. Investigation of how PSMs can up-regulate bees system to detoxify xenobiotics and identification of the enzymes which are involved in, can elucidate how bees face the toxicity of chemicals in an agricultural settings. Also, I endeavour to modify and validate the methods for xenobiotic determination in honey bees.


Research interests:


Natural products chemistry

Chemical ecology


ID: 118840795