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Bjørn Rabjerg
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Løgstrup's critique og Kierkegaard

I am currently working on an individual postdoc project on Løgstrup's critique of Kieekegaard. Central to this investigation is the existential theology of Danish theologian and Kierkegaard exegete Kristoffer Olesen Larsen (1899-1964), which will serve as a mediator between Løgstrup and Kierkegaard. The working thesis is that Løgstrup’s Kierkegaard is mediated, and that only a consideration of the existential theology of K. Olesen Larsen makes a deeper and adequate understanding of Løgstrup’s critique possible. Thus, this project distinguishes itself from previous investigations, which find that either Løgstrup misunderstands Kierkegaard , or he finds in him undiscovered implications.

Hopefully, this clarification will lead to at least a partial settlement in the dispute between Løgstrup and Kierkegaard, so that Løgstrup's critique will not necessarily stand in the way of attempts to bring the two together. If Løgstrup's critique is actually aimed at a specific existential interpretation of Kierkegaard, then other readings of Kierkegaard could result in fruitful collocations.

The project is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Culture and Communication.

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