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Kirsten Frandsen
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Kirsten Frandsen

born 1963, PhD, associate professor in mediastudies at Department of Asthetics and Communication, University of Aarhus. Her research has focused on sports in the media, and during the last years she has in particular been interested in the relations between sport and television. Other topics of research has been lifestyleprogrammes, theoretical issues and methodology, television entertainment and mediatization. She has published on historical developments in Danish media, but also dealt with theoreretical and methodological issues relating to both reception and production.

Kirsten Frandsen has published  Dansk Sportsjournalistik. Fra sport til publikum (1996)[Danish Sports Journalism. From Sports to Audience] and Fasination og forretning i dansk tv-sport (2013) [Fascination and Business in Danish Television Sport]. She has been co-editor and contributor to a number of books, e.g.  TV 2 på Skærmen (2000) [TV 2 on the ], Forskning i mediepolitik - mediepolitisk forskning (2004) [Research in Media Politics - Media Political Research] and Tv-produktion - Nye Vilkår (2007) [Television Production - New Conditions], and Underholdende tv (2010) [Entertaining television]. Furthermore she has contributed to Media in a Globalised Society (2003), Dansk Tv-historie 1951-2003 (2006)[Danish Television History] and journals, e.g. Nordicom Information, Nordicom Review, International Journal of Sport CommunicationNorsk Medietidsskrift and MedieKultur.

Kirsten Frandsen has been a researcher and teacher at the Danish School of Journalism. She has participated in the research programme Media in Globalized Society (1999-2001). In the period 2001-2004 she was director of studies. Since 2005 she has been member of board at Center for University Studies in Journalism, at University of Aarhus and from 2006 she is vice-chair at Institute of Information and Media Studies. Right now she is Director of the research project Tv-entertainment: Crossmediality and Knowledge (2006-2009), funded by the Danish Research Agency.

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