Lotte Bach Larsen

Professor, Science Team Leader

Lotte Bach Larsen
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Research areas:

  • Proteolytic enzymes and proteolytic processes in milk and dairy products in relation to quality parameters; digestibility of food proteins and identification of bioactive peptides.
  • Impact of cow genes and production factors on raw milk quality and composition in relation to milk processability and differentiation.
  • Proteomic and peptidomic methods for analyses and profiling of food based proteins and peptides, protein modifications, natural and process induced. The research is currently expanding in the area of milk genomics and exploitation of results in relation to these activities, and further in the area of research on food proteins from various sources.

Research management:

Current project leader or WP leader of 3 research projects in the area of milk genomics and food chemistry and technology.  One patent application. Research management experience with a portfolio of › 35 mio DKK. Invited speaker at >40 international research conferences, meetings and symposia. Member of Scientific Advisory Board and speaker at the "11th International Symposium on Milk Genomics and Human Health" in Aarhus (2014).  Co-organizer and member of scientific advisory board for 1. International IDF conference on indigenous enzymes in milk, April 22. 2005, Cork, Ireland. 


Current and recent project management and participation:

  • BigMilk – Breeding High Value Milk. Arla Foods, AFI and AU. Danish Cattle Federation (6 mio)
  • Superior Oligosaccharides - Oligosaccharide profiles of cow’s milk for the optimization of health promoting attributes. AU, UC Davis, AFI. Danish Dairy Board ( 2,7 mio)
  • proPOTATO – Challenges and industrial possibilities. WP leader. AU, KU, KMC, AKV Langholt. Innovation Fund.
  • Infantbrain. DTU, AU, KU, AFI, Arla Foods, Semper. Innovation Fund.
  • SOBCows – Breeding specialized cows for organic milk production. AU, Naturmælk, SEGES. GUDP project.
  • Milk Genomics – Impact of genes on variation in milk composition and quality. AU, Lund University, SLU, Arla Foods. Danish Cattle Federation and Strategic Research Council (FøSu).
  • Exploration of high-throughput FT-IR-based solutions as an effective tool for correlating economically important milk quality characteristics with genetic markers. AU, KU, Arla Foods. Strategic Research Council, Foss, Arla Foods and Aarhus University under the InSPIRe platform.
  • Genetic and phenotypic markers of milk quality. AU. Danish Cattle Federation.
  • COAGENE – Gene test to improve milk coagulation properties in dairy cattle. AU, Arla Foods, Viking Genetics. Danish Advanced Technology Foundation.
  • Peptidomics: Prevention of undesired proteolysis in long-shelf-life UHT dairy products and milk based ingredients through the inactivation of enzymes. AU, AFI. Danish Dairy Board.
  • Functional properties of specific fractions of potato protein for further use in the food industry. AU, KMC, AKV Langholt, FFI.
  • Further and leadership REPROLAC), Aarhus University, by Department of Food Science (Lactolight on lactose reduced milk, Metagenomics) and by Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology (Lactosomes and a new project on isolation and properties of β-casein), as well as involved in an industrial PhD project with Arla Foods. LBL is former project leader of additional 10 finalized research projects with external funding and former participant in a large number of other research projects in various collaborations inside and outside the department, nationally and internationally.


Leadership, Teaching and Supervision:

Science team leader of the research group “Food Chemistry and Technology” at Department of Food Science, AU, ongoing from Jan 1. 2014. Member of AU Tenure Track and admission committee, as well as of GSST PhD school admission committee from Jan 2016. Head of FOOD PhD programme at Department of Food Science 2009-2014. Teaching and course responsible for various courses at espc. MSc level, as well as PhD courses. course: Enzymes in Food Production (5 ETCS) until 2012. Current supervisor of 1 master, 3 PhD students and 3 post docs. 



2017 Milk Prize Danish Dairy board/Mejeriforeningen for research in Milk Genomics

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