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Marie Andreasen
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The title of my Ph.D. project is:

Seed of Understanding, Paths of Reconciliation: Remembering the 'years of lead' in Italy.

From the end of the 60s until the mid-eighties, Italy was afflicted by a wave of politically inspired violence that came from both sides of the political spectrum. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded, and since there has been no real attempt of coming to terms with the period on a national level or, at least, to initiate a process of reconciliation, this period still represents an open wound in recent Italian history.

The first part of my project wants to explore an attempt (the TV-programme "La Notte della Repubblica") to promote some shared understanding and reconciliation in the Italian society. Was the show effective in spreading seeds of understanding? Are there any recognisable patterns of reconciliation in the self-narratives, which can be generalised?

In the second part of the project, I will interview a few participants to "La Notte della Repubblica" and other protagonists of the 'years of lead' in order to explore a possible development in the self-narratives and thereby include a cronological aspect. The point of view of the victims and their relatives will also be treated.

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